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Yuuka's Abilities

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Yuuka's Abilities

Thu Jan 21, 2016 6:08 pm

The Druids are a mysterious people whose existence has weaved in and out of history. They are said to be protectors of nature and have always been associated with the wild and with the elements. Their powers are wide, although their lore is mostly hidden from common knowledge. There are whispering rumors of their connection to the Magni (Shrews & Anneptii), but that remains unconfirmed….

The Druids powers can be divided into 5 different categories:
Natura (Elements)
Flora (Plant)
Fuana (Animal)
Sanctae (Arcane)
Animus (Spiritual/Mental)
As a Druid, I have potential access to the full power of nature. Due to my rank, my powers however are limited.
The Druids are able to first manipulate the 5 main natural elements, and then eventually, the other secondary and special elements.
Main Elements: Fire, Water, Wind Earth, Electricity. All of these are easily manipulated by a Druid, even to the point of subconscious manipulation.
Special/Secondary Natura: These are special/secondary elements which I have slowly discovered and developed my power over.

Acid Natura: Makes a highly corrosive vapor like fog which can melt through many things, both things made of energy and also objects. Can even melt pure energy, example would be a energy shield. I can also adjust the acidity of the mist, making it more or less deadly. The fog can then be condensed into a liquid, which I can manipulate, much in the same way and has the same properties as the mist.
Locked Till Higher Rank

Ice Natura: Allows me to shape ice into different weapons and defenses, as well as generate and manipulate ice at will.

Lava Natura: Able to create and manipulate corrosive lava, which both can burn through many materials, not just with heat, but with acidic and corrosive power . I can also make this harden into a very hard earth like material, which can be very hard to break (Between earth and crystal hardness, like a medium grade metal). I can change the acidity of the lava as well.

Sand Natura: Allows me to generate and manipulate sand, pulling it from the earth below.

Metal Natura: Allows me to generate and manipulate metal, its density and hardness dependent on the amount of focus that I put forth to form it.

Crystal Natura: Allows me to manipulate crystals ad gem type solids. They are between the hardness of medium and heavy metals.
Allows a Druid to be able to communicate and manipulate plants and plant-like materials. Adepts of Flora can eventually shapeshift parts or even their entire body into plant like materials, allowing them further abilities. They also have the ability to summon the Silven Ferox, which are spirits of the Plantae world, physically manifested plant like beings which will serve the Druid’s willingly.
Plant Manipulation: I can fully manipulate and grow plants in my environment. It takes more energy to summon/grow plant material from scratch than to manipulate current plants in my environment.
Locked Till Higher Rank

Plant Assimilation: Allows me to shapeshift parts or my whole body into plant materials, having the same manipulation over them/it as I do normal plants. I can also become one with/travel through other plant materials using this.
Silven Ferox:

Silven Ferox, which are spirits of the Plantae world, physically manifested plant like beings which will serve the Druid’s willingly. Often, a Druid will keep a Ferox on their person, disguised as a wooden weapon or object, which they can then unleash without the need to summon them.
Vexprox is the first Silven Ferox that I have met, and is the one that travels with me. He has the ability to grow and manipulate plants, as well as himself, since he is made of plant material. He usually takes the shape of a large vine wurm and has the ability to tunnel underground. He also has 4 spikes appendages, which can be used to attack or defend (See pic.) He can also shape-shifting as he pleases to a certain extent and combine with surrounding plant materials. He is pretty durable, depending on his form, and can regenerate fairly easily if damaged.

The Druids have the ability to converse with, tame, and even summon all sorts of animal life, including supernatural beasts. Many of them make excellent Beast Masters. A more adept Druid can also gain the ability to shape-shift &/or possess animals, which allows them further ability.
Animal Communication: I have developed the ability to communicate with animals as well as command them.

Habitat Summoning: As Yuuka travels through the world and spends more time in various environments, she gains the ability to summon different animals from the habitats she becomes familiar with. At this rank, so can only have one of these summoned at a time.

Swamp Spider: Large green spider (size of a large dog) Venom/Poison Attacks, Silk Thread Attacks, Moderate speed and strength. Not Aquatic

Bog Viper: Large serpent (~15 ft), venomous bite and crushing grip. High speed, moderate strength. Aquatic
Jungle Stalker: Large sleek black cat. Claw and pounce attacks. Moderate speed and strength. Not aquatic. Stealths.

Forest Iguanadon: Large lizard species. Claw and tail attacks. Spine defenses. Slow speed and Moderate strength. Aquatic.
Druids can also tap into a vast pool of knowledge passed down by generations of Druids before them. Through this knowledge, Druids are able to perform rituals and tap into mysterious powers with often defy natural laws. Such powers include growth, healing, disease, and plagues.

Druinglyff/Druid’s Mark/Glyff: This is the glyff or seal of the Druids, one of the most common powers of Sanctae that a Druid will exhibit. It appears as a tattoo upon a part of the Druid’s body and intensifies/augments the Druids natural abilities, usually over and associated with Natura. It allows the Druid to sense and identify the nature of powers, especially nature or elemental based ones. It also has been seen to act upon the Druid’s behalf, allowing them to subconsciously dispel unfriendly elemental attacks or even unleash a protective blast of the elements when in danger and often when the Druid is incapacitated.
Locked Till Higher Rank
Overgrowth: A power that allows me to unleash rampant growth across and area or upon a specific target. It causes unnatural growth of whatever it touches, causing it to become 2x the size of whatever it was before. Note: At this rank, I cannot use this spell more than 3 times in a battle before exhausting myself.

Healing: Allows me to treat and heal wounds. Used more outside of battle than in. My skills with regeneration are better when used on other people than myself. I can heal most major injuries if given enough time and concentration.

Vesanus Agrestis: A more rare form of Sanctae, Vesanus Agrestis is a Druidic form or stance that a Druid can enter. It transforms them physically/visually and augments their natural Druidic abilities, usually associated with Flora, Fauna, Sanctae, and Animus. It increases my resistance to elemental/nature based damage as well as increases my physical capabilities (str, speed, etc).

Druids use the power of Animus to tap into spiritual and psychic worlds and wield their powers. Druids can both use this to counteract other’s spiritual/mental abilities, vanquish undead/psychic demons, as well as unleash their power spiritual and mental attacks.
Locked Till Higher Rank
Spirit Ward: Summons a protective barrier against spiritual attacks and the undead. Spiritual type attacks can damage it and wear it down, while undead cannot cross it, or they will take heavy damage while inside.

Mind Shell: Creates a protective barrier around my mind, allowing me to evade mental/psychic attackers. With enough mental force, an opponent of higher rank can penetrate barrier.
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Re: Yuuka's Abilities

Thu Jan 21, 2016 6:43 pm

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