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Gram's Abilities

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Gram Laevateinn
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Gram's Abilities

Tue Jun 30, 2015 7:36 pm

Feline Senses:
Smell: Gram has an extremely sensitive nose. She is capable of opening and closing it too in case something smells to bad or she needs to swim.

Agility: Gram is extremely agile and can move and twist her body like a cat. She almost always lands on her feet.

Jumping: Gram can jump up to 100 meters high.

Vision: Gram's vision allows her to seen in extremely dark areas as well as very far distances.

Hearing: Gram can hear even the smallest of noises.

Gram has the natural ability to sense anything unnatural that might be buried or below water. She can sense it to the point where she can almost tell what it is without needing to see it.

Acceleration Gate:
Gram creates areas of speed or slow anywhere within 10 metres of herself that slow and speed things up by 100 kilometres per hour over a single second. They also slow down anything that passes through them by 25%. A gates effect can not be stacked.
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Re: Gram's Abilities

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