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Kuwa's Abilites

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Kuwa's Abilites

Thu Jun 18, 2015 6:20 pm

Raikoglyff: Originating from a specific artifact that belongs to the Kento Clan. This artifact, the Nerves of the Eternal, grants those members of the clan the abilities of this glyff. It is a glyff that allows the user more in depth access/power over lightning, especially in the area of the body/nervous system. It allows the user to control electricity via Electrokinesis, and grants that the user can see any amount of electric current no matter the size. Allows user to also see through objects and surroundings, like x-ray vision. When activated, no actual glyff appears anywhere on the body like normal. Simply produces an lightning blue aura over the user's eyes, which also emits small sparks every now and then.

-->Nerve Creation: I can use the Raikoglyff to make my Nerve cells multiply rapidly, which in turn speeds up my reactions, my healing, my speed, and strength. All take a bonus.

Electrokinesis: Through the Raikoglyff, I am about to generate, manipulate, and absorb/redirect electric energy and electricity. Not only can I draw upon electricity in its raw natural form, but I can also combine it with my other abilities. The nerves in my body also serve as a pathway to unleash/generate electricity from my body naturally, as well as a pathway to redirect it from other sources. (Below are specific examples, but not limited to this list)

Shinkeikata/Nerve Fist: A style of fighting used exclusively by our clan. It utilizes the Raikoglyff to pinpoint a person’s nerves and allows me to paralyze any section of the body that I hit. If I hit something within the central nervous system (ie head or spine), I can paralyze their entire body. Paralysis isn’t unblockable, people with special defensive abilities or control over their body may be able to escape/nullify it.

Electrical Explosion: Allows me to cause any of my electricity to explode with violent force. The explosion includes an electrical force, which makes it more powerful and cause possible paralysis.
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Re: Kuwa's Abilites

Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:32 pm

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