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Narissa's Water Abilities

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Narissa's Water Abilities

Fri Mar 27, 2015 4:07 am

Narissa’s abilities are water based, generally utility and support, but has some attack capabilities.

Treading Water: Basic, simple manipulation of water at the base of Narissa, allowing her to move. This ability allows Narissa “tread” on water by manipulating a puddle of water that is constantly at the bottom of her tail. As her rank grows higher, so does her ability to move the water quicker at her tail, therefore increasing her movement speed.

Hydro Cutter: Narissa waves her staff in the direction of the cut and a water blade cuts in the same direction. The blade can be short or medium range (1-6 yards length).

Water Bubbles: A stream of bubbles erupts from Narissa staff, sticking to the opponent and slowing their speed and restricting movement. These bubbles are difficult to remove and multiply over time.

Torrent: A beam of water blasts out of Narissa’s staff, pushing back anyone that gets hit. As she ranks, this beam gets stronger and does more concentrated damage.

Hydro Crusher: A massive hand made of water forms from the ground and attacks and defends in slow movements. Any physical damage from a weapon it can take will pull and engulf weapons inside of itself and store them, being very difficult to obtain again unless the opponent decides to jump into the hand. If they do, they will be assaulted by Water Bubbles, therefore it is a very dangerous endeavor if they should attempt it.

Water Vortex: Conjures a vortex on the ground that sucks up items, the earth, etc. Vortex lasts for several minutes (3-4 posts). Vortexes get larger as rank goes up.

Hydrodrill: A huge drill conjured by water, its point sharp. Narissa is capable of forcing it downwards even more to do damage.

Water Sling: Items captured or taken by water can be thrown by a tendril of water.
Doppelganger: Narissa can jump/strafe in any direction and a water clone will take her place. It has the same properties as Hydro Crusher.

Safety Bubble: A bubble of water surrounds Narissa for several minutes (3-4 posts) that can soak in damage before hitting Narissa herself.
Healing Waves: From her hands, Narissa places them on an allies head. Water runs from them in soft waves, healing minor wounds as they run down them. Sorry, but allies are soaked afterwards.

Water Infusion: The ability to empower/imbue any weapon with water attacks, whether allied or her own.

Wave Repel: Water wave that, when conjured, reflects magical projectiles. Physical projectiles can be stored inside of the water wave and then use Water Sling.

Slip-glide: Narissa creates a small water channel that can runs fast. It has the ability to rush Narissa (any potentially any allies) from the start to the end quickly.

Safety Bubble (II): Narissa surrounds herself and any allies in a bubble which allows them to walk at the bottom of any body of water by trapping air in the bubble and filtering water from the outside into air for the inside.
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Re: Narissa's Water Abilities

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