They say Yonohara was made by a sword. They say the Order dipped a cold blade into the ocean, and when they pulled it out two perfect drops fell back into the sea, and those drops became the islands of Yonohara. Legends and tales say Yonohara was made by a handful of brave men. Warriors, willing to give their lives for what seems to have become a forgotten word: honour.

Miles's skills

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Miles's skills

Sat Aug 24, 2013 7:57 pm

Public skills

(These skills are publicly known as Sargent R.A.T.'s skills and Miles has made the gear to do just this with no need for using Miles's own skills to accomplish the feats of the gear abilities he has set them for.)

Military training
Due to his years of training in the military he possesses
-Top and rapid marksmanship skills with most firearms
-Close quarters knife combat skills that are as rapid as the wind but as deadly as a cornered rattle snake
-Close quarter unarmed combat that give him the skill to take someone down twice his size with his bare fists
-Peak physical conditioning on his body granting long lasting endurance, and a muscular physique
-Skills with use in explosives of all types
-Tactical combat planning skills (specialty Rushing Ambushes)
-Incredible skill at stealth operations
-Experienced medical skills under stress of heavy fire

Returned explosives
-Any thrown explosives are teleported back to him loaded and ready to go after each post allowing him to have unlimited explosives as long as his ki energy is in existence.

Private skills
(These skills Miles truly possesses but keeps hidden to the public)

-With the mental block forced away Miles may now use a powerful ability called replacement. This ability has the potential to rebuild someone (including himself) elsewhere mind body and soul wherever he so chooses BUT this ability is very straining and requires 100% focus. Failure to focus can end up with the subject dead, permanently mutilated, with no soul or mind, only half formed or worse. If the damages are physical Miles could probably fix it but if the damages were related to the soul, mind or anything else Miles cannot shape the damages are permanent and cannot be fixed. Because of the previous terms this ability cannot be done mid combat whatsoever and is merely an emergency transport for when the times call for it. This ability grants no knowledge of how their body mind and soul are constructed on an atomic level as others do because the information he is receiving is so massive he cannot retain it and it must pass through him instantly resulting in any knowledge passed through him forgotten the instant the technique is done.

-Miles has proficient skill in Close quarters combat and could take ten grizzly bears down with his own two fists if he wanted

Ooze manipulation
-Miles may manipulate his ooze that is Heavens to shape anything from the tiniest acorn to a mansion armed with canons armed to the teeth with Gatling guns. With this he may even mimic that which his ooze touches 95% of the time and utilize that for his own use.
Specialty materials he may create
-Black diamond (A form of diamond 5 times as strong as regular diamond and is one of the strongest materials out there known to mankind)
-Nanosteel (A form of steel made to be more durable than the regular steel)
-Adamantite (A type of metal that has magical traits that enforce its durability to rival that of black diamond.)
-Missiles (Miles may shape a variety of missiles at his beck and call shaped to what he chooses.)
-Drain magic (A type of magic that can drain various energies including life force of a living being)
-Radiation (A type of radiation energy can be shaped by Miles to radiate the area to toxic levels if chosen.)
-Black flame (A black flame that can only be put out by either holy water or by command of the controller.)
-Dragon scales (Given to him from his dark imp friend long ago Miles may shape black dragon scales on him or what he chooses to provide a stronger defense)
-Dragon claws (Another sample given to him from his dark imp friend long ago he may shape black dragon claws strong enough to tear through steel with one swipe)
-Black fog (The final of the three gifts from the dark imp long ago Miles may shape black fog that repels any form of energy be it metaphysical or energy based. Only physical attacks may go through this black fog)
Webbing (From the battle against the hordes of spiders Miles has gained the genetic coding for the very same webbing that the spiders used and has even improved the genetic makeup to be somewhat stronger to a degree, it however still is relatively the same strength as the original to a degree.)
Acidic venom (From the battle against the spider hordes Miles gained the genetic coding for the acidic venom the spiders spit all over the battlefield)
Spider flesh (From the battle against eh spider hordes Miles now knows the genetic coding for spider genetics as a guideline allowing him to shape spiders of any size of his choosing incredibly fast which he may even modify to improve certain aspects of the spiders genetics as well.)

Fire and ice resistant ooze
-Miles's ooze once had a weakness to flame and ice due to it's virus nature but due to its evolution the ooze is resistant to it's weakness now.

-Miles may shape his eyeballs to be able to see thermal energy, provide night vision, and even see willpower signatures of those he looks at.

Ooze conversion
-Miles may convert a organic or non organic material into ooze itself which Miles controls to spread his ooze

-Miles may create what he shapes to be permanent closing any connection he had to the shaped object and making it permanent

Shapeshifting disguise
-Miles may shape his very being to become anyone he so chooses and mimic everything about them including voices and internal organs as well. However any internal organs disguised requires focus and cannot be done in an instant.

Electrical blood
-Miles's blood remains connected to an organ that produces electricity providing him control over electricity as well as granting him some resistance to electricity itself letting the organ act as a sponge to absorb the electricity harmlessly.

Medical ooze
-Miles may use his ooze to heal wounds as good as any surgeon out there without the use of tools whatsoever.

Mental Prowess
-Miles's body is not the only strong part of his body. His mind remains strong as well giving him a power of Telepathy and Telekinesis

Focus modes
(These modes Miles may combine these focus modes but generally the more modes he combines the more of a strain his body takes making it that much easier to penetrate his defenses and damage him. Currently he can use 3 focus modes at once without this strain causing issues but any more and his defensive capabilities begin slipping drastically.)
White lightning - This lightning is so focused it flashes pure white and melts any rubber it touches in a split second leaving it useless as an electrical defense. It even conducts through wood as if it was high conductive steel no matter the density of the wood.
Soli-will - The telekinetic waves Miles manipulates becomes tainted by his focus and anytime by Miles's command he may make the telekinetic wave as solid as titanium yet retain it's swiftness, agility, and speed as well as it's forceful power
Ooze splash - any movement splashes a significant amount of ooze in that direction of movement and as a result he spreads a good amount of ooze just by imagine him leaping, kicking, punching, and body slamming.
Staysharp blades - The blades he summons via shaping never dull and stay razor sharp at all times, plus they cut through near anything Miles knows material wise due to how sharp they are
Spider mode - With the combination of his newly gained spider samples he gained he can focus his shaping prowess into a mode where he can summon and spread thousands of spiders within seconds which all can spit acidic venom and webbing at the pace of a gatling gun each. During this mode the spiders are even working on a hivemind and when one spider dies 10x more of the smaller size split from the carcass with just as deadly venom and webbing.
Black dragon mode - Taking the form of a black dragon coated in black dragon scales at the size and shape of his choice, Miles can use his dragon claws, black flame, and black fog to an incredibly powerful potential where his scales can block anti aircraft fire, his black flame suffocates all other known types of flame, and his black fog is said to be able to eliminate energy attacks within and cloud a warfield as far as the eye can see with no one but Miles able to see through it clear as day.

Rage mode/willpower mode
-Miles and Heavens may enter a form that grants them extra power but tends to make them lose control. As a result one of them must be marked as a “leash” whom has control over when the other stops granting some sort of limit as to what they do.
When Miles goes into his 100% rage mode he becomes a destructive hulk pulsating with lightning strikes with the strength to smash a house to splinters with his pinky. However he becomes a raging psychopath who wants to destroy anything and anyone within his sight.
When Heavens turns 100% willpower mode he becomes a ghost unable to be harmed via physical attacks and can summon ooze from thin air and shape what he wishes to do his bidding. However in this form Heavens becomes so cruel he would leave even his own wife and son (if he had any) to a slow and painful torture by his own hand.

Ooze aura manipulation
-Miles has a pulsing aura of energy which grants him the ability to manipulate and create non physical energies he can shape at his control.

Axel's explosive summon
-With the soul gem given to him from his son Miles gained Axel's explosive summon skill allowing him to summon explosives of his choice at his call and where he chooses

Oni blood levels
-Oni Blood 10%
The glowing red sword on his back when drawn awakens 10% of his
Oni blood giving him a black aura that acts as energy armor (similar physics to shadow auras) This takes less than a post to awaken but drawing the sword is a struggle due to the sword being held to his back by a powerful energy magnetism.

-Oni blood 30%
This form takes no time to summon and all it requires is some blood dropped onto his oni gem that's been infused to his wrist (The catch is it can't be self drawn blood, someone else must harm him).

This form grants increased strength, speed, and endurance

-Oni Blood 40%
This form takes one post uninterrupted charging time, If charging is interrupted he must retry the charge. To activate this form he must stand in one place and activate the five gems infused within his body through hand gestures calling out to their strength.

This form grants increased vision quality, unarmed combat skills, a grafted gun onto his right hand that fires Oni energy as a homing scatter shot or other various forms of firing. And increased agility.


-Oni Blood 60%
This form takes two posts of uninterrupted charging time, if interrupted he must charge uninterrupted for another post to make up for that lost time. To activate this form he must place his gem infused hand to the ground and suck in copies of life energy from the local living beings (mainly plants and bystanders, this does not drain them of energy and is harmless to them.) During this time he must stand still and by the second post he must re stabilize himself (which is damn hard to due to the focus of power on his wrist that requires his other hand to hold the gem hand.) and once standing activate the focus of power.

This form grants flight, enhanced speed, enhanced strength, enhanced endurance, two summoned claymores each wielded with one hand and swung at the speed of a short sword. And enhanced vision.

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Re: Miles's skills

Sat Aug 24, 2013 8:09 pm

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Re: Miles's skills

Tue Jul 22, 2014 8:16 pm

editted. added some of his previous abilities before the forum move as awakened skills that are at 85-90% of his former self
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Re: Miles's skills

Fri Aug 22, 2014 3:16 pm

editted some changes in in his abilities, there is more coming so if you want to wait til the next and last changes are made thats fine
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Re: Miles's skills

Mon Mar 28, 2016 11:22 am

added two new focus modes, black dragon and spider mode
a stipulation regarding focus modes
and spider samples Miles may shape

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