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Baldric's Weapons

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Baldric's Weapons

Fri Jan 15, 2016 8:33 am

Aether Rifle
the Aether Rifle is a rifle normally issued to higher ranking Helmanian soldiers. It is unique in that it uses Aether Rounds and a Compressed Steam Firing System as opposed to the standard Flintlock and Bullet type weapons that lower ranking soldiers normally use. The Aether Rifle fires a type of bullet that contains a thin glass tube that shatter on impact. That glass tube explode sending searing oil, fire and steam all over it's target. the Rifle is also capable of firing standard rounds. Baldric's Aether Rifle is modified with cosmetics that hide it's Helmanian Origins.


Alchemic Cards
Fire - the Fire Card is activated with a drop of blood, this card when activated and tossed, forms a perfect camp fire that lasts as long as it is kept burning.
Water - the Water Card is activated with a drop of blood and cases a keg of water to form from the ground. It has a tap that makes it perfect for pouring.
Bio-Growth Card - the Bio-Growth Card is activated with a drop of blood. This card cases accelerated growth in plant life, such as seeds.
Shelter Card - this Card is activated with a drop of blood. It causes 4 walls, a door and a flat roof to rise from the ground forming a shelter complete with a straw filled bed.

Combat Dagger
2 x Steam Grenade - Grenades that detonate into a violent steam explosion
2 x Grenade - A standard shrapnel grenade
First Aid Kit - contains bandages, pain medication, scissors, gauze, bottle leeches, and other small medications.
Canteen + Cup
Potato Seeds
1 x Helmanian Winter Military Uniform - Private
Kwandrivia World Map - World Map as drawn by Helmanian Cartographers.
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Re: Baldric's Weapons

Tue Jan 19, 2016 8:12 pm


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