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Gifts From Her Master: Terah's Arms

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Gifts From Her Master: Terah's Arms

Mon Mar 23, 2015 3:54 pm

the Bering Straight - Tetra
The Bering Straight Katana was passed down to Terah by her long lost master, it is crafted from a blade made of Luna Titanium with a fine coating of beautifully decorated red engravings. The while not living, does for some reason have it's own life force and spiritual presence. It's as if a part of her masters soul was bound to this very sword, to help keep Terah safe.

Dragon Twister
The Dragon Twister is the Bering Straight's technique. The Bering Straight unleashes a large, violent, and powerful wave of barely visible tornadoes of slicing wind that sweep up everything caught in its path and slices it relentlessly.

the Astray Gauntlet
the Astray Gauntlet was made for Terah by her long lost master. It is an armoured, over-sized punching device that channels Terah's energies so it can be used to produce special techniques unique to Terah's style of martial arts. It is made of Luna Titanium

Super Rocket Ejection Fist
The Astray Gauntlet has a built in rocket fist, that can be remotely controlled and flown.

the Vernier Boots
The Vernier Boots are built using Luna Titanium, they allow Terah to channel her energies into them so she can jumps high, skate across the ground and surfaces and perform vernier kicks.

The V-Crest is a mask given to Terah made from Luna Titanium and transparent Luna Titanium. It features various scanning sensors like IR, Night Vision, Heat Detection and X-Rays. It also has built in area mapping and radar.

Luna Titanium

Luna Titanium is a unique compound which can only be produced in the zero-gravity conditions of space. In addition to its incredible strength and being several times the strength and heat-resistance of normal titanium, Luna Titanium alloy is also electrically non-conductive and cannot be or magnetized. However, this material is expensive and difficult to manufacture, making it unfeasible for mass production. Luna Titanium is created through the most advanced refining, fusing, and deoxidizing techniques, which are only possible in space. The complex formula was first called Luna, short for Localization of Ultra Neutral Alloy. Later the Titanium was added to distinguish that alloy from other similar alloys that were being developed by the Dominion Federation for use on their weapons.
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Re: Gifts From Her Master: Terah's Arms

Tue Mar 24, 2015 6:20 pm


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