They say Yonohara was made by a sword. They say the Order dipped a cold blade into the ocean, and when they pulled it out two perfect drops fell back into the sea, and those drops became the islands of Yonohara. Legends and tales say Yonohara was made by a handful of brave men. Warriors, willing to give their lives for what seems to have become a forgotten word: honour.

Miles's arsenal

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Miles's arsenal

Fri Aug 22, 2014 3:09 pm

Sargent R.A.T.'s load out
(Below is all the gear Sargent R.A.T. wears as his combat gear. All this gear has been nano locked to only work for himself and no one else giving anyone else who wears this gear VERY limited use of this gear, example anything that requires an activation of the ability they cannot use. Any passive abilities however are still there like the plate carrier's durability. This loadout has also all been created by miles and had permanency used on it all so this gear holds no connection to Miles and I “Hard wired” so to say to do exactly as it was made to do)

fire arms in his arsenal
  • CQB M4 (short front receiver, red dot reflex sight, foregrip and no stock perfect for cqb)
    DMR M4 (longer barrel, variable zoom scope, foregrip and 6 position crane stock rigged for long range shots)
    Jack of all trades M4 (medium length barrel, 1.5 x zoom red dot scope, fore grip, M203 grenade launcher/master key attachment, 6 position crane stock)
    12 gauge Pump combat Shotgun
    Glock hand gun
    P90 sub machine gun
    M249 machine gun
    6 cylinder grenade launcher
    M203 grenade launcher underslung attachment
    Master key underslung attachment
    H&k Usp handgun
    Desert eagle handgun
    Umg sub machine gun
    Aug assault rifle (with 1.5 times zoom scope)
    Fmg (folding machine gun)
    M92 berretta handgun
    Ak47 assault rifle
    Dragonuv sniper rifle with variable zoom scope and suppressor
    6 cylinder Revolver
-R.A.T. developed bullets that have increased in power while modifying his guns to be able to absorb most of the recoil. These bullets all have the potential to shatter through most known defenses including the infamous black diamond with the power of a 50 caliber. They can also come with several additional effects if needed even multiple of these effects at once.

Bullet effects
-Incindiary (Combusts the surface the bullet comes into contact with)
-Electrified (Courses with electrical energy up to the power of a car battery in each bullet through use of advanced technology covering the bullet)
-Acidic (Filled with acid that eats away at most known objects within seconds with the power of hydrochloric acid times 10)
-Cryogenic (Filled with liquid nitrogen these bullets freeze targets they hit almost instantly)
-Explosive (Rigged with a miniature system resembling a impact missile these bullets explode on impact or have a timed setting depending on the setting)
-Healing touch (These bullets on hit heal where they hit leaving no wound and healing wherever it touches leaving long range medical abilities for R.A.T. using a healing aura power over the bullets)
-Rigid foam (These bullets rather than severely injure/kill on impact simply coat the target in foam that instantly turns so rigid that its like being coated in load bearing concrete)

-R.A.T. possess multiple types of grenades which ca be switched on command with just a press of a button on the grenade itself. These grenades could be one or multiple of the following effects.

-Flash bangs (Designed to deafen and blind targets within sight and sound of the grenade unless they cover their ears and close their eyes)
-Smoke (Spreads out a thick thick smoke no one can see through, oddly enough not even with thermal or most special visions of any kind.)
-Stun (Sends rubber balls out to stun targets with high velocity speeds.)
-EMP (disables electrical equipment within range unless EMP protected and even then it will at least leave damage)
-Plasma (Detonates with a plasma explosion)
-Sticky (Sticks to wherever the grenade hits unable to remove without the force of a 1 ton truck ripping it off)
-Tracker (Tracks the position of where the grenade is at times this can be made to not detonate)
-Dummy (A non explosive dead grenade that wont explode)
-Incindiary (Combusts the area the grenade detonates around)
-Electrified (Courses with electrical energy up to the power of a lightning bolt in each grenade through use of advanced technology within the core of the grenade)
-Acidic (Filled with acid that eats away at most known objects within seconds with the power of hydrochloric acid times 10)
-Cryogenic (Filled with liquid nitrogen these grenades freeze targets they detonate near almost instantly)
-Healing touch (These grenades on detonation heal who they hit leaving no wound and healing wherever it touches leaving long range medical abilities for R.A.T. using a healing aura power over the bullets)
-Rigid foam (These grenades rather than severely injure/kill on impact simply coat the target in foam that instantly turns so rigid that its like being coated in load bearing concrete)

Data storage
-The datastorage system is a virtual storage system that has different areas for different pieces his gear. It is all centralized around one gadget held on his person. This data storage has an emp protected system and has a self repair program incase it does somehow get damaged.

Electronic hud ballistic goggles
-The full seal goggles that R.A.T. Wears are made with an electronic display that allows him to track targets and provide night, thermal and power signature vision when required.

Nano-thread clothing
--R.A.T.'s shemagh, BDUs, multiwrap, gloves and socks are made with a specially developed nanothread that provides a cooling or heating factor when needed resulting in him being held at safe temperatures no matter the climate. As well as retains a natural scent that repels insects at all times no matter how much water is washed through it. All his clothes and even his Plate carrier vest holds the ability to use nanotechnology to change patterns so he can blend into the environment a lot better visually. Finally as a cherry on the technological genius of the clothing that R.A.T. Wears they also shield any attempt to see the heat, power signature, life signature, etc through special visions making it look like he is the exact same everything as his surroundings if anyone were to look at him through any sort of special visions.

Armored Plate carrier
-R.A.T.'s plate carrier vest is outfitted with 3 double m4 mag pouches and a smaller pouch that can hold various objects and within the plate carrier there is two plates that are able to block up to 50 caliber rounds and still retain it's strength. This now even sports an auto medic faculty which slowly heals wounds he sustains in combat, however due to the active movement it cannot heal him rapidly mid combat and is a slow regeneration.

Automated dump pouch
-Through use of technological advances the dump pouch on the battle belt is connected to all other pouches by a type of data storage and when any spent mags are placed in the dump pouch they are auto reloaded and placed in their respective place on R.A.T.s load out.

General pouch of storage
-The general box shaped pouch on the battle belt is a storage device that withholds all of R.A.T.s equipment and arsenal held via technological data storage. This however can only have stuff removed from the pouch, if anything is placed in the pouch it is spit out immediately.

Boot/kneepad/glove combo
-R.A.T.'s steel toe-ed boots, gloves, and kneepads built into his bdu pants retain enough strength to knee/boot/punch someone in the skull at full force without causing any harm or pain to R.A.T. Himself. His boots and gloves also have micro rockets on the palms of the gloves and bottoms of his boots to grant flight if needed.

Hydro bladder back pack
-R.A.T.s hydration backpack with water bladder holds to the eye 2L of water but it is rigged with a connection to his data storage where one section of his data storage can withhold up to 3 gallons of water.

Radio with headset
-R.A.T.s radio is able to tune int the mental “frequency” of those he chooses granting radio communication with whoever he chooses. This method however only gives a 1 way path to send communications, he can receive communications on the radio however if the person he is radioing opens their mind to him and a 2 way connection can be set up between them.

-Sargent R.A.T.'s backpack he carries with him when carrying an exceptional amount of equipment is rigged up with a special set of clips to reduce the weight he carries on him by dispersing the weight all over his torso. This backpack is also the size of his torso at max capacity looks wise but can hold anything he needs to survive. It's storage is linked to the data storage letting him store anything as big as a 3 grown men in size in there.

-Sargent R.A.T. Possesses a motorcycle for transportation decorated with a military camo pattern paint job. It's metal has been made of bullet proof material and tires are seal proof with a layer that seals the tire for 2 days til he needs to change the tire. The engine is emp proofed and has an optional automated bullet proof glass dome that can slide out from infront of the windshield to provide cover from bullets. It is even rigged with off road tires for when it's needed. Also similar to Sargent R.A.T.'s threads he may change the camo pattern at will s when he parks the motorcycle it is hard to spot it. Also through use of top secret military technology it has jets that can unseal on both sides of each wheel and adjust trajectory and slide out wings on each side of the motorcycle to grant flight if needed. Currently this motorcycle can go as fast as 300 km/h.

-The legendary sword Excalibur is only able to be used by Heavens aka King Arthur. If anyone else is to use this sword it will weigh as much as two massive boulders. Due to Miles being a part of Heavens he may carry the sword but not use it. As a result he can have it in it's sheathe on him but not drawn. If drawn by Heavens his ooze manipulation is blocked but is granted control of a heavenly light which has several possible affects. One is it can seer through most materials known by man. Another is it can heal wounds incredibly fast. A third is it can blind anyone gazing into the light for an extended amount of time. The fourth and final affect is it can grant flight via heavenly wings. He is even given a suit of knights armor with a shield with the emblem of the knights of the round table marked on. To add to this Excalibur even has a staysharp like edge that is NEVER worn down or dulled even if swung and sliced through a boulder in one swing. However this is one of the two blades among Miles's arsenal that is immune to shaping making concealing this blade a challenge as it cannot be broken down and reshaped. Miles conceals the blade by shaping a big military type backpack which conceals the blade's looks and shape.

-Mechanical knuckles initially made for Axel but given to Miles before Axel met his fate. These mechanical knuckles utilize the summon explosive skill and when something is struck it sends a shaped charge detonation toward the person or object punched, this is even made so all the force is sent forward rather than backward leaving minimal recoil.

Oni blade and gauntlet
-The Oni blade and gauntlet were initially Tatsai's but given to Miles. The oni blade and gauntlet gave a strange mutation to Miles's genetics granting him what is refered to as Oni Blood. This Oni blood is initially always at 1% but can be increased to deliver extra Effects. These effects however override any connection Miles has to his ooze. Miles even holds some sort of telekinetic connection specifically to the Oni blade granting him control over the blade without even utilizing his telekinesis. However this pair of gear is immune to shaping resulting in hiding the gauntlet and blade a challenge. Due to this fact the Oni gauntlet is usually hidden among a wrist mounted electronic scanner that to the public manages all of Sargent R.A.T.s arsenal information since with how many firearms and gear he possesses is too much to keep track of mentally. As for the blade it is kept within Miles's home and if needed he calls it using the Telekinetic connection to it sending it flying for Miles's location at incredible speeds further sped up by shaped jetpacks mounted to the blade by his own shaping but dismissed when not needed or within Miles's hand.
(The black blade not the red one)
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Re: Miles's arsenal

Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:35 pm

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Re: Miles's arsenal

Thu Dec 25, 2014 10:20 am

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