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Medius' Weapons

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Medius' Weapons

Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:07 pm

Titanios: Thus sword was found on a Eclipse conquered and converted planet before leaving. Carries with it several interesting abilities.

Alterbio Threads: Threads that extend from the other end of the hilt and around the blade slightly are made of a special part-cellular material. This material is super strong, and with it being part organic, it has the ability to regenerate itself at rapid pace, and also be able to fuse with other objects using cellular structure/non-cellular structure as a fusion tool. The Threads are thus very strong, and can be ejected from the sword, although they can only grow 3x as long as the blade itself for now. They also can fuse with both organic and non-organic materials, because of the material itself being part of both.

Blade Effects: The blade itself never dulls, and can slice through almost anything, not to mention it can be regenerated by the threads in the hilt if something happens to the blade, as the Hilt cannot be destroyed. This weapon also returns to me if lost. Lastly, anything that the threads from the sword fuse with can be cut like a hot knife through butter.



Soul Ripper: This sword is one of my favorites, being given to me by a dear friend, the only Eclipse I ever got along with. It is a two-handed weapon, thus I cannot wield it with any other. Abilities listed below.

-Ability to injest and devour matter and energy into itself through its blade. Matter is much slower than energy, and must be able to be cut through to devour. Any energy or matter ingested will be immediately turned into energy for the sword and its bearer.
-Ripping Soul Blasts: Blue energy shot out from the blade which has a particular ripping ability upon energy and matter. The more matter and enegy injested before hand, the stronger, especially against energy/matter already injested. Any Soul/Spirit energy or matter encountered will be dispersed and removed immediately, as it has a special strength against it.
-Artifact returns to me if lost. Is also resistant to reality/dimension effects that are tried against it (doesn't make me resistant). ((Cannot be removed from reality nor can it be pulled into other dimensions or effected by other dimensional effects).



Gold Agget: This ring was given by a king of a nation which the Eclipse were attacking in exchange for giving him and his family refuge before their city was destroyed (Nice guy). It allows me to fields of magical energy around myself and others called Aggest Wards. These barriers of magical energy reject any power/influence that tries to enter within it, including telepathy, telekinesis, over exerted gravity, etc. Thus, if the barrier is around me, the air/gravity/my mind/etc within the barrier cannot be manipulated by outside forces.


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