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Cloud Seras: Winds of the Past

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Cloud Seras
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Cloud Seras: Winds of the Past

Tue Feb 02, 2016 9:01 pm

Full Name: Cloud Seras
True Age: 19
Occupation: Apprentice to the Forgery
Birth Order:
Siblings: Allyson Seras, Darren Martin, Katarina Seras, Canard Martin
Parents Geil Seras, ???? Seras

Physical Characteristics:
Height: 5'8"
Gender: Male
Weight: 140 Pounds
Race: Human/Newtype
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Skin Tone: Caucasian

Cloud is the type of person to sit back and enjoy the surroundings, specifically someones assets. He tries to be a player but has never actually had a relationship or done anything with anyone. Cloud is also a Newtype which doesn't help when he can feel the emotions of those he wants to be with. He is always a serious fighter though and never takes fun to the battlefield. He has always been one to break the rules and doesn't care about being bosses around.

Personal History:
During a mock battle between Abraham Noah Revil’s Skyward Light and Ryan Freddrick’s Terratan, a young woman, pregnant, would go into labour early. This is where the story of Cloud Seras begins.

Cloud was born on a military ship, in the middle of a military exercise, in the middle of a military zone. It was here, the Sanctity Treaty’s newest Newtype would come to be. Almost immediately after his birth, Cloud was put up for adoption. Here his new parents, members of the WESTERN would start raising him as a newtype soldier, much like they had done with Revil.

Cloud would spent all his childhood and teenage years as a member of the Earth Alliance’s WESTERN division. Here he trained, worked and honed his newtype skills just as other Newtype’s had done. But something about Cloud was different, something that set him apart from all those before him, even from the most killed and honoured Newtype’s. This thing that separated Cloud was his ability to harness the element of Air and wield and use it to his advantage without the use of the Real Hologram System or any tools. Cloud also found out he was unable to use his Newtype power for anything more than feeling emotion, unlike people like Abraham Noah Revil who could use it for much much greater things.

After his newfound Newtype Air abilities surfaced Cloud would spend the next 5 months put under rigorous study and evaluation to see exactly why he was different. It was around this time, that another strong elemental type would rise. Little did Cloud know, this was his sister, Allyson Seras.

After a few more years, like all Newtype’s of the Sanctity Treaty, Cloud Seras was awarded his leave from the military. He immediately took this and would start spending many hours on the beach, observing the things he missed out on so much as a young one.

Sometime later, Representative Sywyk, would approach Cloud Seras and offer to train him, this was the only time the General would come to train anyone. Eventually Cloud would learn to fight similarly to the General, favouring self defense over heavy offense. But cloud didn’t go as far as the General and was more balanced in his ways. the General eventually has a sword crafted for Cloud, one made from metals found on one of the random worlds he had visited. This blade came to be known as the Halberd of the Heavens.
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Re: Cloud Seras: Winds of the Past

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