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Akira Haishiro

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Akira Haishiro

Sat Jan 16, 2016 12:13 pm

Name: Akira Haishiro
age: 28
gender: Male
W.O.C. : Fist, Gauntlet, Quarterstaff, Sword, Sabre, Daggers, Spear, Short staff, Scythe, Makeshift weapons, War fan, Haishiro staff, Elements
History: Born and raised as a normal man he was taught the martial arts ever since he was a child student in the land of Escellsia. When he turned 16 he had a visit one day by one of the guild members among the guilds among Escellsia he was told he had great potential for power if he were to have inhuman powers and was offered as such, however being a noble man who learned the martial arts for peace he turned down the offer but had always wished to visit the legendary 10 dragons of the eastern province. A land torn by war among 10 clans divided by two sides, the white clans and the black clans. The day he actually got the chance to visit the land his life was changed as he witnessed a war among all 10 clans in person. However the chi's of all the 10 dragons clashed and caused a cataclysmic explosion leaving few alive. Among them was Akira who felt different but never learned his changes til later when he had his wounds fixed after a long 3 days of dragging his heavily wounded body in search of medical help. When he found someone they offered to help but required to do some changes to make him able to fight again.

When the operation was a success he was told his body was reinforced with a metal structure among his bones giving him extra strength and durability. He also learned within him there were 10 great powers detected within, the powers of the 9 dragons to be specific. On the return trip he meditated on this and being forced these talents he returned to Escellsia with the goal to join a guild.

His time in the guilds and factions in Escellsia were never boring as much occurred from war to even being stuck with a collar that once removed made him locked as an “attack dog” type warrior. He even learned his fathers ancient Haishiro technique with the staff and fist.

Soon he met Miles among all this adventure and he was brought to a meeting where he was to fight Goldbeard an evil greedy pirate captain with immense power. The plans were made and the attack commenced, unfortunately Goldbeard launched a genetically altering bomb to explode and sent Akira and his allies flying.

When Akira awoke he found his collar blown off yet not acting like an attack dog. And had found out it had freed him of the collar but left him wounded and his chi sources scattered within his own body. He went searching for his allies but found none so he began his world wide search for Miles and the others.

Among his travels he found himself in many fights and one enemy actually ended up causing a gash in him. What he oddly found was his blood pressure began to rise and his muscles grew ten times in size and even found himself raging. When he regained control his robes were torn yet holding together over his waist down to his knees. With meditation he learned that he was forced a rage form that was recorded to be held by a Mark fellow. Within him he felt a gland that would excrete 100% pure ultra adrenaline which would normally kill a man. Akira knew that with that bomb detonating he only thought that it was better Akira had it rather than Mark whom could return to his business and began his meditation in control over the form and had successfully gained control over it but found his chi sources blocked in this form.

After that he learned rumors of a shapeshifer existing in the land called Kwandrivia that matched Miles's description and headed for that land only to run into a strange floating jewel that spoke to Akira with a familiar voice, Akira found out it was Ray, a brawler he had met and became rivals with in the martial arts whom withheld the talent to spread a strange power that stained reality with an inky substance with each movement and controlled such substance. With Akira an ally Ray joined Akira as his “owner” of sorts to assist him.

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Re: Akira Haishiro

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