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Alieth Tsoyoi-so Lost Kulazian Warrior

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Alieth Tsoyoi-so Lost Kulazian Warrior

Sat Dec 27, 2014 12:57 am

Name: Tsoyoi-so
Aliases: Alieth
Age: Around 750
Race: Kulazian
Sex: Female 
Birthplace: Begonia 2
Height: 8 Foot 4 Inches
Weight: 310 Pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Skin Tone: Pale Causasian with yellowing. 

Personality. Alieth has a high sex drive but is unable to mate with anyone who does not have control of their mind, such as a newtype. She has this strong urge to mate and have childeren because she is the last of the Kulazian. When aroused or turned on Alieth emits massive mental energies capable of killing the average person. She is generally a happy and outgoing person who can consume large amount of alcohol with no effect, mostly because of her Kulazian blood which is resistant to harmful effects from drugs and alcohol.

Personal History:

Tsoyoi-so was born on a hot and arid day on a giant terrestrial world known as Begonia 2, Begonia 2 was dying world as for thousands of years a rare crystal was mined that powered all the weapons and devices used by the people of Begonia 2. Because the crystal mined from the world were the life force of the planet itself the planet soon began to fade a whither away getting hotter and harder to live in by the day. Tsoyoi-so's parents afraid of their only child dying spent what money they had left on a Capsule and sent Tsoyoi-so in hypersleep out into the vast reaches of space to find a new place to live. As the capsule she was in detected a place to live it crashed onto this small rocky and green world and out came Tsoyoi-so. Luckily a alien of the world she crashed on happed to spot her capsule crashing and came to her aid. The capsule had landed north of a russian settlement, in a small town. Earth was now her new home. 

After finding her the man and woman would keep Tsoyoi-so and rename her Alieth. Unaware of her past they would raise her as a normal girl. As Alieth grew she indeed grew, at age 17 she was nearly 2 feet taller than most girls but still retained normal bodily proportions. Alieth would one day surrounded by some men demanding Alieth perform acts of a sexual nature for them. Getting angry Alieth's body would for the first time flare up in a red aura and the men would both be crushed by an overwhelming and utterly sheer force. Alieth would wait in a pool of blood for 3 days before she would leave. Still horrified by her own actions she would run away from home and spend the next 2 years searching for something new. As Alieth spent years traveling around Asia she would notice that her body never got older, never got hurt and never felt pain. She now knew something was different. At this point she also felt a strong sensation within her body that was telling her to mate. 

As a hundred years passed Alieth would watch cities and towns grow, she would watch Earth's people scurry about as money became more and more important. Alieth would for the first time find love in a small Dutch settlement. Here she would attract the attention of her love using her perfectly shaped body with unnaturally large breasts. They would both be ready to begin sexual intercoarse. When the man began to insert into Alieth a strong sensation would overtake Alieth activating yet another unknown power, this power would cripple the mind of the man rendering him a vegetable. She would spend a night with him crying before she ran off extremely depressed. She would head back to the small town in Russia and find her Capsule, upon examining it she would uncover a video from her true parents telling Alieth whom Alieth was, a Kulazian from a world where the government has destroyed the planet from greed. They wished her a good new life and the message would end. 

A small box would open up wielding a foot long and 3 inch thick key. The key would have a note attached to it listing Alieth's abilities that she could learn two of such she already displayed. The final instruction told her of a blade that could only be unlocked if this very key were used to break the virginity of Alieth. Alieth would do as it said and her screams would be heard echoing through the russian hills. As her own blood poured over the seal that locked her blade within, the seal would activate and directly in front of her a sword would form floating in the sky. Its splendor and glory only known to alieth. With blood now on the sword the blade would speak to her. "OH YEAH! A fresh virgin Kulazian, what could be better". Alieth would scold the blade before the blade would take the form of a small dragon and lick the blood and juices from her inner thigh. Claiming that he had been locked up for ten thousand years the dragon seemed overjoyed to see a naked woman standing there and because of this the dragon would revert to sword form and grant alieth full use of itself. The dragon would then tell Alieth that anyone she tried to sleep with would die unless they possessed a mind that could handle a Kulazian's sexual pleasure and desire. 

The dragon would then spend the next 545 years training and teaching Alieth in the art of swordmanship. This is when Alieth would find her second love interest a soldier in the Earth Alliance Navy known as William Sywyk, she would touch this mans shoulder and find that he had what it takes to stay alive if she were to mate with him. Alieth would spend the next few hundred years trying to get this immortal mans attention in many sexual ways. Alieth would join the navy and gain the rank of Captain in 2563 where she was given command of the Ship the Faith of Heart. She still up to this day tries to seduce William into loving her.
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Re: Alieth Tsoyoi-so Lost Kulazian Warrior

Sun Dec 28, 2014 11:18 pm


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