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Name: Ulrick
Age: 28
Skin: Fair
Hair: Medium Length, Brown
Eyes: Blue
Build: Large

Ulrick is stone faced with a constant frown and sharp nose. His ears are small and stout and his brow has a permanent furrow. But his eyes are large blue eyes deceive the facade. Ulrick speaks with an un-placeable foreign accent and his grammar constantly break, which causes him to prefer short sentences. He towers over most people with his height and broad shoulders. Combined with his clothing of muted greens and blues, he looks like a small mountain. Out from this clothing, healed scars mark his skin like flesh colored lightning bolts. If you were to ask Ulrick the cause of these scars, he’d give you an ambiguous answer. Ulrick easily speaks his mind about in the present, but when it comes to the past, especially he his, he has less to talk about.

Ulrick used to worked for a mercenary organization. They never held any allegiances and worked for any one as long as the price was right. Ulrick excelled as assassinations and search and destroy missions, to the point where clients preferred his work. However, one day the organization collapsed under all of its political turmoil and Ulrick found himself out of a job. He decided to flee and start a new life here.
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