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the General

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the General
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the General

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Full Name: William Cressman Sywyk
Name Pronunciation: William Cress-men Sue-ick or Psy-Vick
Aliases: Representative, the General, Bill
True Age: 583
Age Appearance: 19
Birthdate: February 11th, 1988 A.D.
Nationality: Canadian
Hometown: Formally, Zion City, Aquire Moon of Nchuleft, Zion System, Milky Way Galaxy
Current Residence: Dominion Federation
Occupation: Supreme Representative of the Sanctity Treaty
Birth Order:
Grandchildren: Abraham Noah Revil (Clone)

Physical Characteristics:
Height: 5’9”
Gender: Male
Weight: 150
Race: Human/Construct
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Distinguishing Features: Prosthetic Legs, scar on head, uses outdated Sanctity Treaty technology.

the General is the kind of person that tries to hide his emotions and feelings. By hiding his emotions and feeling he believes himself to be stronger and better suited for the position of of leadership within the Sanctity Treaty. He also believes this to be a defining trait needed to be an elite fighting machine on the battlefield. the General is the type of leader who wishes for nothing but the very best not just for the Sanctity Treaty, but also for any species and worlds hoping to be part of the Sanctity Treaty. One of his main goals is to unite the Galaxy under the banner of the Sanctity Treaty.

Another side of the General, one that lies deep within himself is the fact that the General is a cowardly weasel. In this regard he tries his very best to avoid and steer free of conflict and battle if at all necessary. This is both to avoid the Sanctity Treaty suffering casualties, but is almost 100% to avoid harm to himself or his personal belongings. the General often gets into tough situations that allow others to easily have waning thought and opinions on him.

If someone dislikes the General and he knows about it, he will do his very best to offer what he can or sometimes offer what he possesses to try and sway things in his favour. the General will also try to weasel his way into another life or society if he feels there is something for him to gain. He does this by faking respect until he has the power to remove or discard what is in his way. the General will often abuse his power and position to try and manipulate things to follow paths he feels are right.

the General is always trying to expand the borders and range of the Sanctity Treaty, as well as expand and assert more authoritative positions and roles even if another disapproves and opposes. This is often done to a point where he is ridiculed and shunned.

the General from his childhood has always an odd attachment towards technology and things he likes. He often and almost always holds onto things he owns. Some examples are the Faith of Heart, an outdated space craft, his sketch book, some old earth rocks, and various other trinkets. He is often seen rescuing old outdated things because he develops an emotional attachment towards them. This attachment often grow to the point where he will put his life in the line to save it.

Personal History:
William Cressman Sywyk was born on February 11th, 1988 in the small city of Brantford, Ontario, Canada. He was born, raised and had an average childhood with no defining moments or moment that were too sad or traumatizing. It wasn't until his early adulthood that things changed. At age 18, the General entered his first relationship with Megan. This relationship ended after another girl, Kristi, lured the General into her arms with sexuality. Having cheated in his current girlfriend, but never having been in a relationship the General was caught in a situation he had never been in. Megan’s feelings had been hurt, and from that day forward, the General would enter a depression, a depression only the next girl could help fix.

Having been depressed, the General would soon meet Ashleigh, online in a chatroom. Both her and himself live in Canada, and both would quickly fall in love, writing stories, watching anime, and talking over Instant Message. from the age of 18 to 21 the General would spend all the time he could talking to this girl. He eventually agreed to meet up with her, so he could ask her out and the two could become one..

at Age 21 the General began a long drive, up to Northern Ontario. On his drive into the town where she lived, he noticed 3 men, cloaked in black, moving through the forest behind a young girl. This girl turned out to be the girl he had come to see. In a frantic shock, the General found himself frozen in place. The Van he was in coming to a skidding halt in the cold January snow. After a few minutes the General had come to, and raced out of the van, passed the few people who stopped to help him, into the woods to the arms of the girl he came to love. All that was found on her person, was a single note.

“I dream of peace, a world of it, where all can be together without hate, or anger”

Having witnessed his future girlfriends death, but having no power to save her, the General would slip into a 3 year depression, one that would eventually lead to him joining the military for Canada. 2 years would pass with the General in the army, he would become a cold, emotionless machine, following orders, doing duties and most of all serving his country. Almost 5 years exactly to the date of his love's death, the United States would launch Operation SnowStorm, sending Cryo-Nuclear Warheads to the Middle East.
A few years after the USA lost it’s global power and it’s economy fell so bad it had to be bailed out. the General would meet up with his old friend Erik. Both would head to space to begin construction on the colonies of Operation Salvation. Years would be spent in space, helping to construct the colonies and serving in the military. The two would become even closer friends, living together and sharing many things.

at the age of 47, both Erik Miller and the General are called into headquarters. Both are awarded the rank of Ship Captain and each are given one the first of 3 Columbus Class Exploration Vessels. Both are given the chance to name their ships, Erik choose Strength of Soul, and the General chooses the Faith of Heart. Each take the promotion and board their new space craft. In the same year they are promoted, they witness all their work on the colonies and in the forces pay off. The Colonies are completed and they are newly promoted ship captains.

2 Years later, the first cluster of colonies grows frustrated with the way the Earth governments are running things and declare independence. The colonies for the Authority of Nuin and declare war on the Earth. Erik and the General are pulled into battle once again. the General, has his ship outfitted with weapons and war faring capabilities. Erik and the General bring their ships into the war, easily quelling the uprising and forcing those who still wish to be independent to flee to mars.

Several years later, the General and Erik retire at the age of 60. the General spends a few years up to this point, developing a personal android, a machine he would call Gening. One the military could test it’s Quantum AI on.

the General, Erik and another ship with a nameless captain, are sent into space, to venture off to find life bearing worlds. During this time, another war breaks out on Earth, of which Erik and the General are unaware of due to the being well outside of the Solar System. the Wisdom of the Mind stays behind to colonize Auratous, while the Faith of Heart and Strenght of Soul return to Earth.

Upon returning to Earth, the General and Erik find the planet destroyed, stripped of it’s atmosphere and left a barren rock, devoid of almost all life. Almost all of humanity had been wiped out and most if not all of the military and it’s personnel had been destroyed save for a few colonies and a couple of ships. Erik, is officially promoted and the General follows, as they are the most experienced former military personnel left around.

What is left of the war, and people, form together with Erik leading the group, he tells them of a world that is far away, one capable of sustaining life. One named Aquire. the banded colonies and ships come to be known as the Colony. Eventually, the General, Erik and former Prime Minister Gouf are made leader of this new Colony.

Only a few years into the journey to the new world, the General passes away from a stroke. He later awakens in a android body that was based off Gening, and resembles him at age 19. Erik tell him what happened and what he missed then presents the General with a shimmering blue Ice Cleaver. Erik then passes away.

the General would clone Erik, and accelerate his growth. He would implant Erik’s memories and after 5 years the clone would grow to the age of 19 then stop. His new body was genetically altered and changed by the General giving him what are literally super powers. Along with this, the General had crafted Erik a large battle axe, one given as a gift, because Erik gave the General a mysterious sword. That same sword, Erik would tell the General was not from him, but from a mysterious girl. the General would then spend decades upgrading and perfecting his body, making it more human than machine and eventually so advanced that it was human again.

200 or so years would pass, and eventually the Colony would reach the Super Giant Gas world, Nchuleft. This world had a life supporting mooon called Aquire, of which, the city of Zion would be founded and Humanity would once again thrive. the General was given leadership over the City, acting as a temporary Prime Minister. A few years after becoming Prime Minister of Zion, the General, Erik and one other would begin writing the Sanctity Treaty. A constitution that would forever change mankind’s future.

over the next 200 years the General would watch all humanity restore itself, eventually becoming a Galactic Alliance. Sometime during this, the General would have a Clone of himself made, and this clone would give birth to Abraham Noah Revil.

2563 was the last year the General spent in the Age Universe before being transported to Vescrutia, Escellsia and then Kwandrivia.

17625 - Month 1:
the General on board the Faith of Heart suddenly finds himself inan alternate dimension, an isolated one called Vescrutia. Upon arriving, the General would find his technology inoperable, but he had new power, ones closer to those of Dragon Ball. the General would rise up the Vescrutian Ranks, eventually reaching Jounin.

17625 - Month 2: After gaining all this power, something caused him to go insane, something corrupted him into attacking the Chaos Kingdom, and Unicron. He suicidally attacked both almost dying in the process. Before his death, Erik King Miller would pull him to safety inside a universe known as Escellsia.

3209 - Month 1: the General would arrive in Escellsia, with his ship the Faith of Heart just as he did Vescrutia. He would lose all the power he gained on Vescrutia, as if it was a dream. Now the General had to rely on the Real Hologram System
3209 - Month 2: After the first month on Escellsia, the General grew sand and angry, eventually growing unstable, so much so that a force of nature had to freeze him solid allowing him to calm down and regain composure.
3209 - Month 3- 6: Sometime after being thawed the General would find the body of Alieth Tsoyoi-so dead. He then embarks on some journey to find them eventually leading him to someone named Gig. This Gig tricked the General into fighting a being known as Rozalyn. the battle was interrupted as the General was taken away by Erik, to a space ship/colony where his body was stored and his memories were transplanted into a new body

This body left to the Swamps Village where it would meet Chizuni the current leader. the General’s new temporary body would have some sort of power unlocked, this was a power similar to that of which he had on Vescrutia. Shortly after this Erik would create the first Hero’s Shade, something that would rampage around keeping the General in a negative light with the leader of each nation.
3209 and 3210 Month - 7-14:
Eventually, the General would come to the only nation accepting him, this was Keiz. He would ally with them eventually becoming a Shrew. Sometime later, the General would once again fight Gig, where the gods would interfere once again allowing him to die. His Rank, Power and Shrewish Body would be all but destroyed.

???? - Month 1 - 3
After being destroyed, the General would return to his original body and find himself in a twisted dimension where a demonic deity massively limited abilities and ranks to their whim. He would fight some dragons, some clud guy, and fight in a colosseum. After a battle with a Mist Dragon however, the General would be seemingly destroyed. However, his memories and weapon were cast back to Escellsia.

3211 - Month 1
the General would awake somewhere deep in the dungeons of Keiz. This is where he would be helped by Ezekiel’s pokemon and be lead to a portal that would take him to the Creed Guild. During the teleportation the General’s Mind and Power would be fully restored. He would then begin ranking again, as a member of the Creed.

After ranking to 4th Rank, the General would begin his journey outside of Escellsia, a journey no one had ever taken before. Arriving at the edge of the world he would find a massive barrier, and many Gate Guardian preventing him from leaving.

the General would be forced to return to Escellsia. While returning from his journey, the General would learn that Abraham Noah Revil had left the Sanctity Treaty to become a Shrew of Keiz

3211 - Month Unknown
Another attempt to explore beyond the barrier occurred, this time the General was able to pass, and upon passing, he witnessed a massive light engulf Escellsia, vaporizing it, turning it into a wasteland that was rebuilt in the likes of the Forces of Nature. He would then black out and be taken back into the New Escellsia.

3213 - Month 1
the General would awaken sometime later in the middle of the Shattered Wastelands, where he would meet Sate Strike. After hearing Sate's story, the General would join the Holy Natural Empire and eventually part ways from Sate to take a ranking exam. After passing the exam the General headed to the Red Gorge to set up his base of command the Anti Empire United Group. It was here the General would find himself pulled back towards Vescrutia, taken away from Escellsia again.

Seta Vesa
17630-Month 1
After discovering a certain anomaly, the General would find himself smack dab in the centre of the Freshwater Sea. Here he would head to the Inter Village Battlegrounds and spar countless times before taking ranking exams.

17630-Month 3
the General would accept a mission with Alex Star, this would take him into his first Layered Genjustu, something that would ultimately take him down. Failing the mission he and Star would head back to Atra and Kham to prepare for the next steps. While meditating with Atra, to get Kham back up and running, the General's False Kydarin Crystal would overload causing him to break down. Kham would then go MIA leaving Atra to take care of the Nightmare.

After his meeting with Kham and Atra the General would head to the Freshwater Lake to get back the ship that he had lost there, or rather the ship that FAITH had hid there so the General would not find it. Tactical Arms would suddenly make it's return and take back the weapons of it's former master.

After having his mind altered by Savaj, the General would find himself awake and in a new place, yet again... This new place was the Dominion Federation, a land fitting for himself.

A year after the General arrived on Kwandrivia, the Ignatius event would unfold. He would engage a large Kaiju defeating it with the help of of former Representative Abraham Noah Revil.

6 Months after Ignatius’ defeat, the General would head to Keiz, with a new plan set in motion.
Tragedies make you who you are

the General's Theme - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tf-VTR_A1Y
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the General
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Re: the General

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Tragedies make you who you are

the General's Theme - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tf-VTR_A1Y

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