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Dominion Federation: Information (Last Updated 2/26/2016)

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Dominion Federation: Information (Last Updated 2/26/2016)

Thu May 26, 2016 2:04 pm

the Dominion Federation
Throughout almost all of it's history, the Dominion Federation has been a peaceful nation. This allowed the northern nations population to flourishand grow without the losses the other suffered from war and occupation. Because of this, the Dominion Federation has more than 593,763,000 people. Most of the population, around 78% of it, can be found living within 3 weather controlled cities, Lakton City, Crystal City and the nations political capital, Federation City.

Around 60% of the Dominion Federation is composed of the Black Crystal Mountains. These mountain are known to be the coldest place on Kwandrivia and as such, forced the populations of the Dominion Federation to build up in low lying areas around Crystal Lake and the Fridgid Bay. An area to the far south of the Dominion Federation is habitable all year around with no need for weather control stations, this area is known as the Hoheim Highlands.

Despite using Federation in it's name the Dominion Federation is actually a Corporatocracy. As such, all power both economic and politically is controlled by corporations. In the Dominion Federation there are 3 Corporations the control all political and economical issues. These are: the Karnovsky Corporation, the Lakton Power Commission and the United Aerospace Foundation. Each company has chosen to elect a single Representative that speaks on their behalf. This Representative holds no real power and is just a figurehead.

the Dominion Federation is at the forefront of all things technological and space for Kwandrivia. Almost 90% of it's military, and taxes go to funding sciences and developments that will help drive Kwandrivia to the future. As such, the nation is by far Kwandrivia's richest, and is the nation with the most space programs. In addition to just being on KWandrivia, the Dominion Federation also has a space Colony, and a permanent territory and city on Ghilandus, a moon of Kwadnrivia. They are also deeply exploring the other worlds of the Kwantus System.

Continent: Briaria
Capital City: Federation City
Major Cities: Crystal City, Hoheim, Lakton, Megh (Sanctity Fortress).‎
Sanctity Fortress City, Boreal Forest Hypo, Mountains, Lakton, Space Elevator Artificial Island, Crystal City, Fridgid Bay, Hoheim Highlands, Hoheim
Major Lakes: Crystal Lake, Hypo Lake

Official Language:
Political: English
Regional: English‎
Ethnic Groups:
Human: Extremely High
Megh: Very Low
‎High Elf: Very Low

Motto: Innovation for Tomorrow
Anthem: Call of the Stars
Largest Trade Partner: Halcyon Kingdom, Laurentia, Helm Islands, Coliginosity
Best Relations: Halcyon Kingdom
Worst Relations: Laurentia
National Colour: Maliblu Blue
Shortened Name: DF

Government: Corporatocracy
Representative: Samantha Thompson
April 7th, 2240 (Confederacy of Humankind - Loosely Connected)
December 21st, 2563 (Dominion)
October 24th, 3145 (Independent Dominion State - Pre-Foundation Space Colony Arrival)
July 4th, 3210 (Dominion Federation - Post Foundation Space Colony Arrival)
Population: 593,763,000 [2nd]
Aspects: Afterburner Armour, Mobile Suits, Space Faring Ships

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