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A Warning...

Posted: Sat May 28, 2016 6:21 pm
by Kama
*Near dusk, the normally humid air across the Murkwood Keys, particularly around the Wild Isle itself became assaulted by a cool, yet damp breeze. The winds continued to pick up, as dark grey clouds rolled in over head, causing night to come early. The temperature began to fall, causing condensation to form across the plants and ground, and eventually the darkness was cut suddenly by bolts of lightning, which forked this way and that over head every now and then, followed by low rumbles of lightning. A few drops of rain would fall here and there, but for now the clouds held back their deluge. A little while after the storm rolled in, a bolt of lightning fell further than any before dared to strike and hit the murky ground below near the base of the Spire. When the light and energy from the bolt subsided, I was standing where the bolt had struck, eyes sparking and shining with bright blue light, the Raikoglyff etched across my forehead. In my belt, clearly visible, was my Relic, which mirrored my Shinkira blade's form. It remained sheathed, though my hand could draw it at a moments notice if need be. Knowing that the Anneptii who lived here would already be able to sense my presence, because I was not hiding my energy or power, I acted normal and slowly stepped towards the Spire, intending on making my way up to the top where I felt the power of the Baron lurking...or at least remnants of it. I kept my guard up, in case of attack, but remained cool and calm.*

Re: A Warning...

Posted: Sun May 29, 2016 12:30 am
by Slain Sougun
Not a moment after Kama showed up, thousands of centipedes would begin flowing out of every crack, and every nook. In an instant they would take the shape of a monstrous creature, some 8 feet tall. This was Slain's True Form. As the true form took shape all rain in the area would instantly begin to turn a blood red, and from some of the drops venomous mutant mosquitoes would begin emerging. When the true form finally took shape, half a dozen tendril would shoot from it towards Kama. At the same time, thousands of small insects, each would move towards Kama at various speeds and in constant waves. As this all went down, dense exoskeleton spines would begin forming all over Slain's true form, which were ready to launch off like a gatling gun at a moments notice. As time went on, some of the pools of blood would begin massing and clotting, each taking the shape of spherical medium sized dog shaped creatures. (Explodalisk - viewtopic.php?t=504) As soon as an Explodalisk took shape it would instantly detonate sending venomous acid in all direction which included shrapnel from the steel-like exoskeleton.

"LEAVE!!!" A massive powerful voice that could be heard all through the Wild Isles would yell out.

"I'LL KILL YOU" It would yell!

As it did, Kama would be bombarded with negative thoughts and anger. Rage, Sorrow, Hatred, Jealousy, Wrath. It all flowed through Slain's body and mind, empowering him with pure adrenaline and anger.

Re: A Warning...

Posted: Sun May 29, 2016 5:03 pm
by Kama
*As the insects appeared and morphed into Slain, starting the onslaught of continuous attacks against me, my eyes suddenly changed from giving off electric blue light to becoming completely white and shining with brighter, purer light than before. The Suko-ru Raikoglyff etched itself across my forehead, as suddenly the air around me crackled with electrical energy. In a blur of movement, I drew my relic, suddenly unleashing a gale-force wind, which wrapped around me and expanded outwards, pushing any insects, tendrils, explosions, blood, etc away from me with the force to rip a tree straight out of the ground. The wind continued to circle me even after the initial blast, creating a tornado like funnel of debris and such, constantly blowing out and away from me, while inside a sphere of wind continued to surround me as a inner protective layer, allowing me to breath yet despite the pulling of air away by the tornado. Once the initial waves of attacks and insects had been blasted away, and thrust my hands outwards, still holding my sword, and causing the whole of the tornado and wind sphere to detonate outwards, unleashing outward sweeping of wind which would level enough the very terrain itself, much less blast back Slain's minions and blood, possibly even the Anneptis himself. Once the dust cleared from the detonation, I continued to stand where I was, Shinkira blade in hand, electricity crackling in the air about me.*

You've definitely changed since the last time we've met....though your misplaced vengeance against me has not.

*I called out in an even, calm voice. I was surprised to find Slain here, though thankfully I was prepared for an attack once I landed, I was not expecting Slain to the one issuing it. I only realized it was him from all the negative emotions pouring out against me, which thankfully were shielded by my defensive Teliology abilities, which were honed against Eze's constant prodding, so it would be enough against Slain's emotional attacks. It evaded my knowledge until now that Slain had joined the Anneptii, though now that it was known, I wasn't really that surprised. Now that I was here though, I felt I had the chance to maybe reverse things.*

Perhaps we can take this time to talk things out now...I think there is some mis-communication between us.

*While I spoke, thick bluish-grey Storm Nimbus clouds began to form around me in a defensive formation. Despite my hopes to clear things up with Slain, I was no fool to think me might not attack again, thus I quickly made preparations for such an event. I sighed mentally, figuring this could take a while...and one of us if not both might end up injured.*

Re: A Warning...

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 5:04 pm
by Slain Sougun
Even with the toughened Carapace and the size of his True Form, Slain was still not heavy enough, or rooted to the ground to be able to keep himself stable. Like the insects, blood and venom, Slain would be picked up by the expanding tornado and slammed against the caves wall. IF not for the thick carapace and defence of the True Form, Slain’s body would have taken a rather brutal beating.

All the while he was being pushed back, and possibly held there, Slain would be gathering blood within his True Form’s crystal-like eyes. Each eye would turn and face Kama, and each had a cold stare. If Kama had any soul scanning/sensing abilities, he would notice that Slain’s soul, was completely overwhelmed with hatred. His soul was no longer pure, and had no purity left within it.

“Misplaced vengeance, IT IS NOT MISPLACED, YOU BY HER SIDE ARE MISPLACED!” Slain would yell, his voice amplified by the cave.

As Slain was against the wall, the ground below Kama would begin to crack open with small cracks not more than half a centimetre wide. From these cracks, a few hundred Bullet Ants would begin emerging. While the ant’s began to emerge, any blood on the walls would begin pooling together and coagulating into egg-like forms.

Slain spoke no words after. He wasn’t in a talking mood.

Re: A Warning...

Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2016 4:48 pm
by Kama
*As the ants began to pour out of the ground, I would notice their presence with my enhanced eyesight. I quickly leapt upward and landed on a Nimbus that appeared below me, keeping me from the ant's reach. Electricity crackled and sparked throughout the nimbus platform and that which hung in the air defensively around me. Small bolts would strike down towards the ants if they attempted to fly upwards or if anything else got close that is. I watched Slain meanwhile, my expression turning slightly sad.*

Unfortunately for you, that was her choice....If you truly love her, than you must respect that....

*I responded in a sad tone. It was never my wish to butt into something that Slain perceived as his...and I did empathize with his loss. However, it was far to late for me to step aside. As I stood, I began to rise into the air, the Nimbus rising and taking me with it higher into the air. All the while, the temperature of the air around began to drop, causing frost to coat the ground and breath to be seen on the air. Water in the air began to gather around me in baseball sized bubbles while freezing and thawing rapidly.*

If you cannot let go of your revenge, then I have no choice but to defend myself and my family....

*A thunderclap followed as a burst of electrical energy flashed outward, 5 distinct bolts of lightning hitting the wall of the cave where Slain was. Each bolt missed him, but each was interconnected by a network of smaller bolts, forming a sort of net covering the area between them. This net would attempt to sink into Slain and weaken or possibly paralyze him, though for how long I did not know. I had yet to test out an Anneptis nervous system, especially Slain's. I waited from where I was then to see what Slain would say or do.*

Re: A Warning...

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:54 pm
by Slain Sougun
As the lighting bolts struck the ants, they would stop moving upwards towards Kama and mostly move about the ground below him waiting for him to come back down. Soon, the air began to cool and the ants began to die off and any blood that was in the area began to thicken and freeze. As the temperature began to drop, so too would Slain's body. He was now forced to revert back to his more human looking state. As he finished transforming, he began to flood his blood vessels with alcohol produced much like an insect would to keep themselves from freezing through the winter. There was still no way to fight in such tempurtures, focus had to be placed on rapidly generating cells and alcohol to keep himself from feezing over.

As he was producing the needed blood and alcohol to survive, Slain would find himself too slow, and too focused on regeneration to defend himself from the network of lighting that was about to unfold. When the first bolts of lighting missed Slain would talk, but not before being cut off by the "net" of bolts that came as a surprise afterwards.

Out of nowhere, without much warning or control. A single Demon would suddenly appear above Kama and begin falling towards him. As the demon fell towards Kama, it would slash at the air with it's Blade Limbs while secreting some sort of acidic substance.

Just as Rasetta, Slain's demon appeared, he would immediately stop producing alcohol and blood cells and use the opportunity if he had one, to bring forth his Black Angel wings and escape.

By now, he might have become partially immune to the cold, but he was really intoxicated and was trying to flee. His thoughts were that he would have to grow more, learn more, and gain abilities to counter the ice, and possibly the lightning.

Re: A Warning...

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:56 pm
by Azriel
ΦJust as Slain began to make his escape maneuver, a cackle echoed down from the Baron's cavern above. Yes, I had been watching this entire time...who wasn't? Those two were making such a ruckus, most of the Wild Isles had woken to the commotion and began to peer for a glimpse of the struggle. It wasn't everyday that you got to see a Anneptis versus a Shrew. No sooner had Slain spread his wings than the immediate area around him began to warm again, returning back to the temperature that it was normally, allowing him to move, though not too far. I was creating a field of telekinetic force around Slain, forcing the cold air away and pulling in warm air in from the higher atmosphere. Despite my strength with both temperature control and telekinesis, it seemed I wouldn't be able to do this for the entire area yet. That annoying weather Shrew seemed to have quite more experience and power in that area. A moment later, I slithered/swam out of the wall that Slain was resting against, one hand patting him on the head.Φ

Good effort, little Anneptis~

ΦI encouraged Slain with a toothy grin. I swam through the liquefied air past Slain, using my Liquid Reality ability to further combat the temperature change and protect me from it directly as I floated in front of Slain and faced Kama, who was being attacked by a demon, and began to speak like this was a normal everyday thing.Φ

So, Shrew....whatcha doing here? Our pact prevents us from killing you...that is when we stay out of each other's ways....Maybe you should consider leaving before I take matters into my own hands....

ΦI finished with a nasty grin. From Ezekiel's memories, I recognized this as one of his "guardians", basically Shrewish bouncers who keep everyone in line and do special stuff for their master. The energy radiating off of him was intense...probably didn't taste very good. I kept my eyes staring directly at him while monitoring...even probing at him...mentally. I was always good to eye-up prey before you go in for the kill...or invite them in to your den for a talk.Φ

Re: A Warning...

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 9:35 pm
by Kama
*As the demon suddenly appeared above me, my arm became a blur as I moved my Relic upward to counter the demon's bladed arms, slashing at the air to block each one and with each swing a blast of concentrated air to blast away the demon and any acid that it attempted to hit me with. I continued to fend off the demon this way before my other hand moved outward and pointed my wand towards it.*

Stupefy Tria!!!

*I yelled the incantation amongst the howling gale of wind and clouds about me. From the tip of my wand shot a blazing wave of red magical energy, blasting forward towards the demon, attempting to blast her back and knock her unconscious. I kept my attention on the demon, in case it somehow managed to evade or tank my attacks, keeping my wand and blade at the ready. At the sound of Azriel's voice breaking the onslaught of noise and the sudden resistance to my temperature changes, I focused some of my attention on where Slain was, using the Suko-ru Raikoglyff's 360 degree X-ray light vision to watch as the Anneptis Baron appeared, shielding Slain from my attacks. My eyes narrowed, as I was finally faced with the person...or being rather, that I had come to meet. I listened to his words, feeling their taunting sting, but not rising to the bait. The cold air began to warm again, although not to where they were before...I left a good chill in the air just for good measure. However, I did not descend from where I was, but rather kept standing on my Storm Nimbus platform, suspicious of Slain's and Azriel's moves. I didn't trust them..for good reason.*

I was simply responding to your underling's welcome...I believe self-defense is allowed in this pact of yours?

*I asked coldly, eventually turning to face Azriel once I knew the demon was not going to attack again. After Azriel finished his taunts, I felt a small mental probe began to prod at my mind. Like an annoyed cat, I slapped it away, mentally, using my own Teliological powers to form a mental barrier around my mind in attempt to fend Azriel's probes away. I had good practice from Ezekiel's constant prodding, so I probably could put a fight up against Azriel without too much effort.*

I see you're the apple that's not dropped too far from its tree...You can't keep your mind to yourself just like him. I'll tell you what I'm here for. I was sent by our leader to deliver you and your people a warning.

*I spoke in an annoyed, still cold tone, keeping my eyes peeled for movement and energy all around.*

Re: A Warning...

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 4:56 pm
by Slain Sougun
As the two spoke to one another Slain would stay back, keeping distance but being completely aware and observant of the Shrew. As he stood there listening and watching, his anger, and hateful thoughts would also flood towards Azriel, but he was more then likely capable of blocking it. As Slain was waiting, he would begin pushing the toxins out of his body as best as his Biology and control over his body and forms would allow it. This made it look like he was doing a lot of sweating.

Re: A Warning...

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 6:30 pm
by Azriel
ΦI chuckled a little at the Shrew's response, nodding in agreement at his responses. I waved my hand about, ignoring for now the awful mental emotions that echoed out from Slain towards me and in general. I would deal with him later. I beckoned towards Kama, speaking after he had spoken his bit.Φ

And I can see you've had good experience blocking the "tree's" influence...Guess that earns you the right to be heard...what is this warning you come to us with...?

ΦI was indeed impressed by the resistance of the Shrew's mind, enough to want to know more about him...if he would lower his guard. I waited where was I for a response, patiently watching Kama and being mentally aware of Slain and all the other Anneptii watching from their hiding places around us. I also waited for Kama to drop the temperature and weather manipulation so that I could drop my own defenses...though I wasn't sure he was going to, nor would I blame him.Φ

Re: A Warning...

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:40 pm
by Kama
*As Azriel finished speaking, inquiring about what my message was, I let my arms fall to my sides, though still holding my sword and wand in case of need. The aura of extreme temperature let off, shrinking to create a sphere around me about 10 feet thick in all directions, again in case of need. I was not going to let my guard down, but it seemed like Azriel was willing to hear me out, which meant there was to be some diplomacy here. Or at least I hoped. I considered for a moment, before speaking, remembering what Ezekiel had told me.*

We have recently uncovered some corruption at the hands of the Eclipse. One of our people came across a...being who was corrupted with what was confirmed later as Eclipsian Shaddow. Though we haven't discovered them directly yet, we believe the Eclipse are becoming active here once more and will be targeting not only the Shrews, but whatever other races prove a threat against them.

*I finished, unsure if I should reveal that the being in question was in fact a Anneptii. I wasn't sure how that information would be received, thus I left that tid-bit off....for now. I waited to see what Azriel would say about this, still keeping my eyes out for Slain and my defenses up.*