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The Laurentia Empire has now split into two nations, the Anglia Empire and the United States of Laurentia.

Laurentia Empire: Information (Last Updated: 6/3/2015)

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Laurentia Empire: Information (Last Updated: 6/3/2015)

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Laurentia Empire
the Laurentia Empire, commonly refered to as "Laurentia" or "the Empire" is a federal republic consisting of two continental spanning territories with 16 states and 2 federal districts. The Laurentia Empires 16 states and 2 federal districts are bordered by the Coliginosity to the Easy, the Halcyon Kingdom to the North and Excelsior to the South. A single massive sea known as the Destreds Sea divides the territory of the Laurentia Empire. The area to the North is known as North Laurentia and the area to the South is South Laurentia.

Covering 8.45 million square kilometers, (X miles) and with over 1 billion people, Laurentia is Kwandrivia's largest and most populous country. Laurentia is mainly home to Humans, of which make up 98% of the population. the Geography of the Laurentia Empire is extremely diverse since it stretches from the Tundral North to Kwandrivia's equatorial region.

Laurentia's highest places of population are it's two major Mega-Cities, the Acadia District South and North. These cities alone account for 35% of the countries population. Second to the two Acadia District is Oxford city with 5% and Kingstown and Morgenstall with 4%. Laurentia also contains Kwandrivia's second largest slum in the Abandoned Bosery City (2%), a city that was quarantined and forgotten after a nuclear meltdown.

Laurentia is a 1st world country and has Kwandrivia's second largest economy, benefiting from it's massive amount of agricultural land and natural resources to the high population that contributes to a massive working population. Laurentia is Kwandrivia's foremost military power, spending 25% of it's government budget on military power. This is nearly double what all other countries combined have. Because of this, it's population and the amount of land. Laurentia is the largest and strongest country on Kwandrivia. It is the highest superpower, and is double what the two others (the Halcyon Kingdom, and the Helm Islands is combined.

Continent: Ashelia, Nchuleft‎
Capital City: Acadia District (South and North)‎
Major Cities: Menphis, Los Feratus, New Floriga, Solidity Fortress Town, Oxford City, New Warfton, Cliffs of Acadia, Morgenstall, Kingstown.‎
Provinces/States/Regions: Wretched Tundra, Great Laurentia Forest, Stumplands, Red Mountains, Desert of Shifting Balance, Devoid Grasslands, Triumph Ranges, Forever Spires, Laurentia Fields, Pathways of the Fallen, Los Feratus Peninsula, Golden Hills, Serengheti Plains, Britannica Jungles, Laurentia Militarized Zone, Tallgrass Meadows.
Major Lakes: Lake Acadia(Completely Owned), Lake Triumph(Shared with Halcyon), Lake Halcyon (Shared with Halcyon)

Official Language:
Political: English
Regional: Drekmaran, English, Xysese
Ethnic Groups:
Human: Extremely High
High Elf: Very Low
Wood Elf: Extremely Low‎
Dark Elf: Extremely Low
Dwarf: Extremely Low‎

Motto: "God Bless Laurentia"
Anthem: "The Star-Tipped Flag"
Largest Trade Partner: Helm Islands
Best Relations: Dominion Federation
Worst Relations: Halcyon Kingdom
National Colour: Red, White and Blue
Shortened Name: LE

Government: Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic‎
President: Johann Johnson
Vice President: Joseph Smith
July 4th, 2211 (Unity of Mankind)
April 1st, 2289 (Acadia Legion)
August 16th, 2344 (Holy Kingdom of Acadia)
April 14th, 2416 (Holy Laurentia Kingdom)
December 21st, 2563 (Brittanica)
August 5th, 2798 (Holy Brittanica Empire)
February 27th, 2892 (Albion Empire)
June 11th, 3016, (Laurentia Empire)
Population: 1,004,098,879 [1st]
Aspects: Beseeching the Legion

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