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Helm Islands: Information (Last Updated 2/26/2016)

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Helm Islands: Information (Last Updated 2/26/2016)

Thu May 26, 2016 1:25 pm

Helm Islands
The Helm Islands is an island country located southwest of the Laurentia Empire, Nchuleft. It is separated from the mainland by the Helmania Sea, but is connected by a large bridge in two locations that are closest to the mainlands.

the Helm Islands is a archipelago consisting of 3 main islands; Rockie Island, Dwarvenmire Island and Iron Mines Island. Situated on the largest of 3 Islands is Fortress Peak, the largest city and the capital of the Helm Islands. Fortress Peak is built along the southern coast of Rockie Island and is build onto two levels of an escarpment as well as 3 tall mountains, that were the source of the city's exports and industry in the past.

The main industry of the Helm Islands is Chromium, a rare natural growing metal that grows in the form of tall shimmering chrome trees. The tree's bark is harvested and refined into Chromium which is used on everything metal on the island and even exported to other nations in limited quantities. It's limited exports make it extremely valuable the further one gets away from the Helm Islands.

The Main populous of the Helm Islands are Human, and Dwarvenkind, and a lot of the cities historical and ancient structures are Dwaven-made.

The Helm Islands are 229,0026 km squared, they are by far the smallest of Kwandrivia's nations unless one counts the Order's island.

Continent: Helm Islands‎
Capital City: Fortress Peak
Major Cities: Dwarvenmire Kowl Town(Ril).‎
Chromiumbark Coppice, Intricate Iron Mines, Dwarvenmire Mines, Dwarvenmire Smithing, Dwarvenmire Kowl Town, Rockie Farmlands,
Major Lakes: N/A

Official Language:
Political: English
Regional: Drekmaran, English, Helmanian English‎
Ethnic Groups:
Human: Very High
Dwarf: Med
High Elf: Extremely Low
Wood Elf: Extremely Low
Dark Elf: Extremely Low

Motto: the Hammer of Industry
Anthem: the Iron Curtain
Largest Trade Partner: Dominion Federation, Laurentia, Coliginosity.
Best Relations: Dominion Federation
Worst Relations: Laurentia
National Colour: Grey and Blue
Shortened Name: HI

Government: Stratocracy, Dictatorship
Fuhrer: Bernd Gehry
October 25th, 2289 (Dwarven Drekchmar Legion)
December 21st, 2563 (Helmania)
March 8th, 2912 (United Islands)
February 27th, 3000 (Helm Islands)
Population: 113,200,000 [3rd]
Aspects: Alchemy, Core Weapons

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