As winter approaches Kwandrivia, a spine chilling wind covers the lands as a dark force is felt...

Undead Attack on the Wizard's Guild

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Re: Undead Attack on the Wizard's Guild

Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:45 am

*Sensing that the Chaos in the room beyond had significantly reduced, I decided it was time to make my own move. I signaled my pokemon to keep back and waited until the amount of Chaotic energy seemed the least near me before I moved. At that point I stepped out into the doorway, both hands held out with blue glowing hieroglyphic tattoos moving up and down my arms and one in each palm. I quickly took aim and fired both, one for the last pillar and another for the middle pillar. Each hieroglyph would shoot through the air towards their respective pillar, and once close or making contact, would detonate, causing a polarization of charges, attempting to disrupt whatever mechanical/magically mechanical system that was running these things. As the hieroglyphs shot forwards, they would absorb some energy from any lasers that hit them or were near, making them a little stronger. Once successfully detonating, they would visually look like electrical explosions. Once I fired the hieroglyphs off, I would stay to observe, unless there were lasers coming at me, at which point I would dive back to the side, attempting to find cover again. Either way, I wanted to watch to see what happened, wanting to use this as a test as well as hoping it would help take down more of the barriers separating us from the girl on the other side and the Zombie on top of the middle pillar.*
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Re: Undead Attack on the Wizard's Guild

Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:39 pm

Knowing his body was fragile and he was damaged from the attacks. Tactical Arms would continue to back up while keeping his head tucked behind the Rotary Shield. There wasn't much he could do at this point behind transform into a weapon for someone else to use. He'd use his Plasma Cannon's shot up and that would be able to be used for a while. That in combination with taking damage, meant he was mostly out of options.

"I must fall back, my Plasma Cannon needs charging, and my body is too damaged to engage in close range combat." Tactical Arms would say as he moved backwards before transforming into his Support Backpack form. From there a large geometric energy barrier would surround him and he would land on the ground with a thud keeping himself safe until the Plasma Cannon charged.
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Re: Undead Attack on the Wizard's Guild

Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:40 pm


Sheba being injured by the beams, Yue waved her over, which Sheba came to float next to her in safety. Looking at the scuffed injuries, they were mildly serious, but not too bad. She would take her to the Pokemon Center afterwards to get healed up. Levi had joined his partner just in case, glancing at the wounds with a slight worry, but understanding that he and Ixiya, the lazy little spider as he was, were the only Pokemon available to fight for Yue. The trainer looked down to Ixiya, a slight frown while the spider gave what seemed to be a carefree smile. Inaudibly, Yue sighed and grabbed her whistle. She gently let him know that she wanted him to do...

Levi came first, trying to time this correctly. He launched a [Hydro Pump], rearing back and letting it explode towards the pillar and pillars, even towards the Looter Zombie, hoping to soak as much as he could with water. After the water had properly made its way to the pillars, Ixiya would shoot an [Electro ball] towards the puddles of water, electrocuting everything that happened to touch the previous move. With an AoE attack such as that, Yue hoped it would take out much of the room out, ending this ridiculousness. She was already upset with Sheba injured, so she wanted this fight to end soon to get her to a nurse.

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