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RAT Awakens PT 1

Between the Halcyon Kingdom and the Dominion Federation is an island, this island is home to the Dominion Federation and Laurentia Empire's illegal experimental weapons group known as the Fairfield Foundation. Many of the Rogue Drones and some legal one are made here, mostly for the Empire using stolen Dominion Technology. The place is extremely guarded to the point where several 3rd Rank Fighters would be needed to just get near the island.
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RAT Awakens PT 1

Mon Jun 11, 2018 3:10 pm

1st Month: RAT was taken away to a far off island between the Dominion Federation and the Halcyon Kingdom. This island was an illegal weapons facility made by the Laurentian Government and contractors from the Dominion Federation. It was here that RAT would awaken for the first time. It did not take long before Farfield would reason with RAT, and convince him that they could help in his ultimate goal.

2nd Month: RAT would undergo weapons upgrades. They complimented his originals, but were vastly upgraded. His Rank power rose from it;s initial 5th Rank to 3rd Rank. These new weapons he was given were experimental, and untested. With the passion RAT had to achieve his goal, RAT was the perfect test bed for these weapons.

3rd Month: The installation begins. Neurological enhancements. His muscle structure was torn, rebuilt and torn again, forcibly enhancing it to make it stronger. His eyes were altered using Dominion camera technology that linked directly to a scouting visor. His Rifle, his primary weapon was replaced with a kinetic weapon with several types of rounds capable of piercing various energy types and materials.

4th Month: RAT awakens and begins testing his new body.


A dark room filled with some sort of black mist awaited Rat as he entered. In the room was a circular window which overlook a massive underground facility. In front of this window was a single chair, a dog and a shadowed figure. The mist in the room was causing everything to be black, it was jamming all forms of communication and sensory and was making it extremely difficult to breath. Even the best of survivalist would feel like they were just subjected to skunk, cigarette smoke and mustard gas. In the chair sat a man, completely unphased by this.

"Welcome back Agent RAT. I see you've finally completed the last of the internal tests. You're next is something that will for sure aid you. Something that will serve as your base of operation after you leave this place. Speaking of, once you leave this place. All commutations and memory of your time here will be gone. You will however be constantly monitored and watched, you no longer have a personal life, you are property of Farfield and will remain so until the day your life ends." He would say his voice muffled and changed by some form of computer voice changing software.

As soon as he was done speaking, all memories of RAT's time and everything pertaining to the Farfield Foundation was gone.



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