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Class 6 Mission: Island Investigation


The Halcyon Straight is the body of water dividing the Dominion Federation and the Ashelia Continent. The oddly warm waters of the Halcyon Straight are due to both the Environmental Manipulator that Federation City uses and the warm water being pushed north from the Discord Ocean.
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Re: Class 6 Mission: Island Investigation

Fri Oct 16, 2015 5:59 am

Nature waits for no introductions.

They made their way onto the shore with little issue The boat now sits, with its oars upon itself, upon the sandy beach, safe from being swept away by the coming night tides. The supplies which were given to them were taken as well, at least what was necessary, since an entire crate of it wouldn't really be used and would be sort of a burden.

The more they explored, the more it was obvious where they were was a little secluded cove of sorts. Again the paths seem rather split between the sandy one surrounded by a rough stone arch to their left, the jagged cliff in front of them and the right connected to the cliff in front of them in a slight curved wall.

The shell which Rumato picks up is interesting looking. Oh looks a bit too uniform to be a normal shell and it appears to be made of stone instead of whatever the shells around them were actually made of.

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