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Wild Pokemon


The Coliginosity was once a large expansion of land once owned by the Laurantia Empire when it was at it's largest during the great war. Like most of the Laurentia Empire during the great war, these lands too had their natural resources sapped dry to help feed the explosively growing cities of the Laurentia Empire. Because of this the people settling in these part slowly began to move to the cities to the north when jobs in the Coliginosity became scarce. In an attempt to attract people back to the Coliginosity, the Laurentia Empire began a mass restoration of the Coliginosity using dark magic. This is when the Coliginosty met it's demise, or what the dark elves here called their rise. The dark magic the Laurantia Empire used to try and heal the lands quickly engulfed the lands instead, it killed nearly all the people who were trying to fix their errors and soon put an end to the Laurentia Empire's residence in these parts. After these events many dark creatures, mages and even soldiers moved in and quickly began to populate the city the Empire tried to create and the land of the newly formed Coliginosity was born.
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Wild Pokemon

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