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The Laurentia Empire has now split into two nations, the Anglia Empire and the United States of Laurentia.

To the Andrius Sea!: Finding a Tome

Seperating the Murkwood Keys and Nchuleft is the Andrius Sea. It's crystal waters shine blue and reflect the sun giving the appearance of sapphire. If not for the over protective Andrius School of Mermaid residing in the Garrus Trench, these waters would be a massive tourist area.
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Re: To the Andrius Sea!: Finding a Tome

Mon Mar 30, 2015 11:38 am

\As Revil approached, he would still find me laying on the sandy beach in nothing but boxers, enjoying the sun and breezy sea air on my skin. I had dozed off, though, as Revil approached and spoke, I awoke and got to my feet, stretching./

Ah, there you are...back so soon...?

\I asked, rubbing my eyes, before reaching over to my pile of clothes to start dressing again. I was very happy for the little break I was able to enjoy here, to get away from Keiz for a while and just rest. Everything had been so hectic lately that the stress was really starting to build up. Thanks to this mini-vacation, I was able to release some of that stress, and I felt much better. Once dressed, I waved Revil off, pointing behind me and causing a Dimensional Void to open up, and connect on the other side to the Murkwood pyramid./

Nah, I can get us back, besides, I'm the one that's fully rested...How was your mission...?

\I replied, motioning towards the portal while asking my own question, looking over Revil as I did. He looked battle worn, though not injured. Whatever trial he faced, he seemed to be able to deal with it, alright, despite not having connection to his Shrewish abilities. Having fought Revil first hand, I wasn't totally surprised...he had always shown a higher level of mastery with his own abilities that were scary enough without his Studies. I waited beside the portal, waiting for Revil to cross through, and then I would follow./
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Re: To the Andrius Sea!: Finding a Tome

Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:39 pm

"I wasnt used to fighting without the Shrew within me. IT put up a great fight and had me cornered. But eventually, with luck, I came through." Revil would say to Medius dispelling the Zeta and stepping into the dimensional portal he had formed.

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