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Wild Pokemon


The Halcyon Kingdom is a green and natural paradise who's lands are both untouched by man, and left to grow as nature intended. The Halcyan people dedicate their lives to pursuing spiritual enlightenment and unity with nature instead of conflict and war like their neighbors to the west. Where one would find cities in other factions, one would instead find towering trees teeming with animals, fairies and other mystical creatures. Throughout the lands of Kwandrivia, it is known by all that in the Halcyon Kingdom the High Elves rule. They are the ones who preserve the natural ways and thus frown upon the humans who wish to exploit their pure land. The elves live with the land instead of on it, they eat natural fruits, they live in treehouses or houses built onto the edges of cliffs. Because of their protection of nature all of the Halcyon Kingdom is natural forests and freshwaters lakes. The Halcyon Kingdom has always been this way, it has followed these codes and rules ever since it became it's own Kingdom.
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Wild Pokemon

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