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Lloyd's library visit


The Library is the centre source for all knowledge. It's walls are filled to the brim with books and information. The library is 13 stories high and an unknown amount deeps, inside the building is a maze, that feels like it never ends.
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Lloyd's library visit

Sat Aug 16, 2014 11:31 pm

(Im just gonna go ahead with what he learns here if that's alright)

*Lloyd when entering the library got right to work searching through book after book after book on the supernatural*

*By the 15th book Lloyd was getting tired of reading and grabbed the 16th from the stack. Halfway through skimming pages he noticed one book referring to these creatures called the vortigaunts which the creatures on Lloyd had seemed to react to once he read the name outloud slowly. With a somewhat decent attempt at calming the creatures he read on about these creatures from a different dimension called the Xen. The book had given little information but mentioned something about an attack on earth that was covered up by a public story about an elaborate test of the emergency systems. Nervous he then began hearing words coming fr the creatures as he spoke. MOH was clueless as to what was being said but for some reason Lloyd understood the strange language that sounded like odd sounding grunts and squirms.*

*With a calming manner Lloyd just spoke softly saying*

Lloyd:"It's ok he will explain everything, however he says the creatures within are not of their kind. They can wait til we finish here"

*Moving onto researching the other creatures within he came across and old dusty scroll entitled "The illusions of a madman". With a glance he saw sketches of these strange creatures with written explanations and names. Flipping back to the first page there was a written quote on the first page*

"These creatures are all Mushi, I suppose they are rather hard to explain. Let me give you an analogy. Say the 4 fingers on your hand represent animal life with your thumb being plant life. Human beings would be here at the tip of your middle finger farthest from your heart. Moving toward the palm you find the lower forms of animal life. When you get to your wrist though that's where your blood vessels combine into one right? This is where you would find fungi and microorganisms. From here it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish from plant and animal life. Even so there is still life beyond this point, and if you keep going. All the way up your arm, past the shoulder, when you get to this point at the place closest to your heart. These creatures are the Mushi. They are life in their purest form"
-Ginko, Mushi Master

*After that it had shown a short paragraph that read that Mushi were not hostile in nature but at the same time not friendly in nature either.They just kind of existed and followed their habits as they were.*

*With help from that book Lloyd learned that there were Mushi masters out there who dealt with these creatures on a daily basis. Wanting to locate one to speak to Lloyd found a small black fluff ball crawling up his arm getting Lloyd's attention then vanishing once more.*

*Looking through the scroll he found notes on something called an Uro. It had explained the Uro was a small Mushi that could open entries to the Uro passageway, an endless tunnel within the world that is known to sap memories, spirit, and the soul. So even if someone were to escape the endless tunnels they would quite possibly lose all memories and personality becoming a mindless doll. Despite the danger however these mushi apparently were used to deliver mail to Mushi masters everywhere as a sort of mail system. With this in mind Lloyd made sure he knew a safe way to use the Uro writing down what he needed to know on some scrap paper he took from the printers.*

*With a speedy rush he left the library.*
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Re: Lloyd's library visit

Mon Aug 18, 2014 3:28 pm

*As Lloyd ran out of the library a man sitting reading a book lifted his eyes carefully watching Lloyd. This man had obvious scars on his face and had a strange aura around him that left him with an aura as best described as "Sort of invisibility" This aura made him invisible to those who weren't paying attention but visible to those who he let see him, this however did not effect his actual visibility just made him unnoticeable to random people he did not address first.*

*With a silent and calm slide of his chair and gentle placement of the book he was reading down onto the table he strolled out the door. If anyone did notice him fighting the power of his amulet it was clear this was not Goldbeard but instead one of his crew members*

*With a raise of the hand he spoke into a strange orb the size of a golfball no louder than a whisper.*

???:"Crew to Loyals, Target heading east down main road, regrouping at hq for strategy, Copy?."

Orb: "Copy, I will trail the target from now on."

*with a grab of a hollowed out egg he crushed it within his hand and vanished into thin air.*

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