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Entering Zenthel, Capitol City of the Halcyon Kingdom


Serving as the home of the High Elves and the protecting capital of the Halcyon Kingdom is the great forest city of Zenthêl. The City of Zen as Humanity call it is a place where the citizens want nothing more than the preservation and protection of nature. The City of Zen is mainly build atop the branches and around the trunks of tall trees that fill the forest surrounding the River of Zen. Bridges, catwalks, multistory homes and great nets all spiderweb though the branches of Zen City. The City of Zen is a place which is truly in tune with nature, animals of all kinds are not afraid to wander through town. Most have made alliances with the High Elves seeing them as no threat to nature. It is Human-kind that the animals and high elves have a thing against, thanks to the actions of the Laurentia Empire no doubt. One will rarely see a human walking about, but that doesn't mean the people here will make visitors feel unwelcome.

Prince/Princess: Illithina
City Style: Magical Fantasy
Aspects: Magikami, Fairy, Beast Summoning
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Re: Entering Zenthel, Capitol City of the Halcyon Kingdom

Thu Mar 03, 2016 8:26 pm

♣The cat like cart driver would take the gold and head off to look for more passengers that were in need of his services. Once Erik approached the elves, they all fully shifted into position in front of the wall, lining up in two rows, each with an elf standing in the middle at both ends. The elf on the end closest to Erik spoke in response to Erik.♣

"Speak then, why does one such as yourself have interest in our people or this place...? What is your motive, human?"
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Erik King Miller
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Re: Entering Zenthel, Capitol City of the Halcyon Kingdom

Mon Mar 14, 2016 5:01 am

"I seek an audience with the Great Oak, or with your leader" Erik would say bowing to the elf politely.

After this, he waited in bow until he was relieved of it.

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