As winter approaches Kwandrivia, a spine chilling wind covers the lands as a dark force is felt...

Class 7 Mission: Stay on the Path


A forest of black roses, black trees, black wolves, black demons and, black vines all twisted and aiming to slaughter you. Thousands of signs along the paths warn you to stay on it.
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Class 7 Mission: Stay on the Path

Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:51 am

♠At the edge of the Darkenwoods, there was a small structure of what seemed to be an old house or hut, one room, mainly built of stone and wood. Two of the walls were missing, as was most of the roof, so that now it was just used as a structure to keep oneself dry during rainfall, or at least try. It was here that the fearful Dark Elf stood, attempting to keep out of sight, yet needing to be escorted through the winding paths of the Darkenwoods (Insert spooky sound). He dared not travel alone, without protection...and thus he waited. Waited, shivering, for the escort that was promised by...well, that doesn't matter.♠
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Arren Waters
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Re: Class 7 Mission: Stay on the Path

Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:44 am

Teleportal transportation must have been near instantaneous, because to Arren it was like passing through the threshold of a doorway and into a different room. One second he was at the Grand Teleportal and in the very next instant, he was stepping out into a shabby hut with missing walls and a poorly kept roof.

It took him a second to get his bearings and collect the contents of his stomach, or lack there of. It was certainly a weird form of transportation that he would have to get used to using, if it was the norm. Arren much preferred to hoof it or travel by animal back.

"You must be the mark." Arren said, once he collected himself, tapping the shoulder of the Dark Elf he'd appeared behind. If the Dark Elves at the Teleportal didn't look like much to Arren, then this guy didn't really look like anything at all, comparatively so. "Hm. Figured it would be a woman to needed an escort."

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