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the Arc Relay Prototype: Revil's Ship

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the Arc Relay Prototype: Revil's Ship

Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:39 am

Arc Relay Prototype

Designation: Arc
Class: Relay Prototype
Description: The Arc is the Prototype for the Arc Relay class of ships designed by Revil for the Shrews. The ship was originally designed by Revil as his home away from home. It is a unique ship in that it floats vertically as opposed to the more common horizontally. The ship is made of stone, and is powered by Revil's various studies base energy. A Focus Core is currently being developed by Revil so that the ships can remain active while Revil is away without the use of carbon fuel systems or anything reliant on the Sanctity Treaty.

Length: 26.5 Meters
Height: 63.8 Meters
Beam: 26.9 Meters

Crew: 1 Shrew
Powerplant: Prototype Focus Core
Armouring: Quarterstone
Shielding: Dependent on Captains Studies.

Deck 1: Deck 1 makes up the bottom 3rd of the vessel and it the largest deck. It contains the Engine's and their power source the Focus Core. It is also where Cargo is stored and people can Access the ship.
Deck 2: Deck 2 is the ships armoury. It holds supplies and gear that are needed outside of cargo such as food, weapons and ships parts.
Deck 3: Deck 3 is an area for other passengers, it houses 8 rooms each with a small area and a central shared washroom.
Deck 4: Deck 4 are the barracks. In total there are 4 rooms. Each room has a sleeping area, washroom, and resting area.
Deck 5: Deck 5 are the barracks. In total there are 4 rooms. Each room has a sleeping area, washroom, and resting area.
Deck 6: Deck 6 is a area for the crews entertainment, it has a drink bar, entertainment only Holofield, and other amenities for recreation of the Crew.
Deck 7: Deck 7 is the mess hall, kitchen, and services deck.
Deck 8: Deck 8 is the Captains Quarters, it takes up half of this deck while the other half is dedicated to a meeting area for the crew.
Deck 9: This is the ships bridge. I contains a large holographic Photogess Field, that acts as a mapping system with details about the surrounding area gathered by sending out waves of Teliology that bounce off things and return, much like a Radar. There is also a sytem set up that allows the ship to be Captained by a single Shrew.

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Re: the Arc Relay Prototype: Revil's Ship

Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:58 pm


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