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Ariel Fortune's Compainion: Saikrishna

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Ariel Fortune's Compainion: Saikrishna

Tue Aug 04, 2015 9:01 pm

Wrath of the Leviathan
The Fortune Bloodline, since thought diluted by breeding has since risen up inside Ariel. Like all those before her to use it, it is a power that is brought forth by rage, and grows more powerful the longer she is angry. She is searching for a way to use her power without being angry but has always failed to do so.

When activated Ariel emits a blue aura in the shape of a Leviathan.

Terror of the Depths - Saikrishna
Each Fortune that activates their Leviathan Bloodline is met and greeted by their own Leviathan. Ariel is no exception. Her Leviathan is a powerful one, one of the more powerful ones in recent times thank to the fact that for so long, no one else had activated one. Saikrishna is capable of attaining two forms. the first is the Humaoid form which closely resembles Merfolk, and the second and most common fourth is the Wrath Leviathan.

Wrath Leviathan
Wrath Leviathan is called forth around bodies of water, and can only be called forth in such ways. That plus anger. Without those two catalyst, there is no Wrath Leviathan.

Wrath Leviathan has the ability to control oceans, entire bodies of water depending on how much anger and sorrow the Wrath Leviathan can draw from Ariel. Along with that ability, the Wrath Leviathan can change the temperature of the water, control the water and control the density of the water. The Wrath Leviathan itself has massive strength, speed and power within the waves. Wrath Leviathan is also capable of flying outside of the water, but is obviously weaker due to not having the water around himself. Wrath Leviathan is covered in super dense flesh and even denser armour. Her ability to control and change temperatures of the water around herself means she is also naturally tough to the elements. Wrath Leviathans most recent ability is the ability to call forth storms. This is helpful as land based battles would require water.

Rapture Leviathan
Rapture Leviathan on the other hand can be called forth with or without water, but in doing so is much weaker and does not possess any powers beyond that of minor water control

Rapture Leviathan takes on the form of a Merfolk, and oddly, can be called forth without water and without being angry. This is the first of a kind for any Leviathan and Fortune Bloodline. It is thought that happiness calls forth the Rapture Leviathan. Other than minor water control. Rapture Leviathan does not have much power. She can however, shapeshift her fins to legs, and back. Like the Wrath Leviathan, the Rapture Leviathan can swim through the air. But not at any speeds faster than 100kmph.
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Re: Ariel Fortune's Compainion: Saikrishna

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