USe the link from now on, the old one directs to errors and has issues, this is the new one.

You can now link your characters account to your main one. Use the drop down menu in the top right corner then go to profile, from there edit your profile, then go to Linked Accounts. Then begin adding from there. The dropdown menu in the top right is where you can find your linked accounts.

This is a thing now

Approved companions are found here.
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This is a thing now

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Min Chusin
Mini Chusin is not so much a weapon as much as she is a know it all, who follows Chusin around everywhere she goes and tells her things she could care less about; mini Chusin is just there to do things that Chusin herself doesn't feel the need to do. Mini Chusin can attack however, by flinging herself into someone and it dose mega dmg and stuff.

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