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The cat's got mail

At first theres, a door where one can hear the sound of a breezy forest and beach. Then as it opens, an isolated dimension of found where a jungle-like world is literally inside what is normally a small office. Here is the office of Thundarius, the Golden Lion of the Order.
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Miles Seiler
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The cat's got mail

Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:29 pm

*At thundarious's office a bird would seem to fly straight for the window. If the window was open it would fly in and land on his desk turning into some sort of letter sealed in an envelope. If the window was closed it would land near the building and enter through the ventilation or any open doors it could find shaped as a small insect.*

*Whichever way it came in it left a letter sealed in an envelope addressed for Thundarius with no record of who sent it.*

*This note would read*

"Dear Thundarious. I want you to do me a big favor and follow along with a plan for me. I want you to list Miles Seiler as deceased, but fear not. I am not dead, I am merely taking on a disguise to protect my son. Speaking of my son when a child named Lloyd shows up say you have the perfect place to live and send him towards a house you recently sold to a military looking fellow. That Military fellow will be called Sargent R.A.T. and will show up to your office looking for work as a shop owner and doctor at the hospital, shelter and citizenship. This man will be me but I want you to speak to him as if he were someone else entirely. -signed Miles Seiler"

*If anyone else tried to read it it would just seem to be a bill for steaks since Miles still retained shaping skills over the letter.*

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