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Artifact List Used For Memory Purposes

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Artifact List Used For Memory Purposes

Wed Jun 04, 2014 2:48 pm

Gauntlets of Might: Grants the wearer the ability to adapt their strength to the things they need to lift.

Spear of Longinus: Thundarius' personal weapon. A Broken Class Anti-Kuma Weapon, the only one known to have ever existed.

Compass of Rarity: Grandier Fortune's magical compass that points to hidden treasure and artifacts. ‎

Ming Hao Gauntlets: Two ancient Xys Gauntlets that when worn by two people causes those people to fuse into one being until the Gauntlets are removed.

Earing of Hearing: Allows the user to hear even the smallest of things. Such as needle dropping up to 3 kilometres away.

Eye of Sundair: Ancient Nabnjarsi relic that allows the user to teleport without expending energy.

Mind's Chalice: As long as the user holds this, they can read the minds of others even if the other person has abilities that can counter it.

Mask of Negation: A mask that negates all mental abilities when used against the wearer.

Kilec Sword: a sword with the ability to create dimensional portals to anywhere on a planet. Can also be swung to create dimensional fissures.

Pumpern Bar: an ancient weapon unearthed by Ignatius. Has the power to command massive undead armies.

Land Master's Jewel: Domination and control over the element of Earth.

Sacred Sword of the Seventh Saviour: A sword capable of calling forth a consuming lighting that feeds off matter.

Vixcaxx: a powerful opal and pearl encrusted staff capable unleashing otherworldly powers.
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