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Elf (Last Updated: 6/12/2015)

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Elf (Last Updated: 6/12/2015)

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Biological Classification
Designation: Elf
Races: Dark Elf, High Elf, Wood Elf, Water Elf
Physical Characteristics
Average Height:
High Elf: 2.1 Meters
Wood Elf: 1 Meter
Dark Elf: 1.8 Meters
Skin Tone: Pale, Purple, Green, Earthtones. Depends on sub species.
Hair Colour: Blonde, Grey, Black, White, Brown, Red, Orange
Eye Colour: Brown, Blue, Green, Hazel, Amber, Grey, Red, Purple.
Average Lifespan:
High Elf: 200 - 300
Dark Elf: 250 - 400
Wood Elf: 700 - 1000

Social Characteristics
High Elf: Halcyon Kindgom
Dark Elf: Coliginosity
Wood Elf: Halcyon Kingdom
Water Elf: Garrus Trench, Yuki Colony

High Elf: Dominion Federation, Outlands, Order
Dark Elf: Outlands, Helm Islands, Order
Wood Elf: N/A

Languages: Elven Standard, High Elven, Elven English, Wood Elven Ekados, Merfolk Tongue.

An Elf is a humanoid race of sentient beings that are second in population to the Human's on Kwandrivia. Elves number in the high millions between the 3 distinct sub-species. Two of the 3 Elven Sub species, the High Elves and the Wood Elves originated from the Great Oak on the island that is now the capital of the High Elven Halcyon Kingdom. The Dark Elves originated in the former Laurentian territory known as the Coliginosity which is now their homeland.

As with humans, Elves of all 3 sub-species are both with two genders, male and female. But as with the humans, there can be more. All 3 elven species can interbreed with other species but like the Human's the chances of a child being born are under 2%.

When a mixed child is born between any Elf and Human, they are called a Halfling, and more often than note have more traits from their Elven birth parent than their human one.

The Elven Kind is divided by 3 distinct sub-species. Each Subspecies is like it's own race of people rather than an ethnicity or skin tone.

The High Elves are the most populous of the Elven species and the most "pure". Where a Human or Wood Elf's culture and ways would reflect the land around them, a High Elf always does the same. This is because all High Elf follow a code, and that code is something that is punishable by exile. Anywhere you go where there are High Elves, there is a 98% chance that the High Elf you meet follows the same principles as all the others. All High Elves are one with the Great Oak, their place of birth and origin. Where a human is born in a hospital and is buried in a cemetery, a High Elf is born in the pools of water around the Great Oak and their ashes are spread in the same waters. This is a ritual that has been passed down since the beginning of the High Elves. Throughout each city the High Elves live in and various areas or personal homes, there is a tree planted or a replica of a tree that can act as the Great Oak. Only one of these trees exists in a town for Birth and Death but other can exist for prayer to the Great Oak.

High Elf Male:

High Elf Female:

The Wood Elf are the least populous elf and the most tribal of all of them. They live in clusters of tribes and ethnicity all around the Halcyon Kingdom. A Wood Elves skin colour and power reflect the type of tree they are born closest too. It doesn't matter where they are born, their traits will always reflect the closest tree, even if they are born over an ocean. Wood Elf are considered the guardian of the forest, they can all communicate with plant and wildlife and are all born with a nature that grants them several powers based on whatever tree they are born closest to. The Wood Elves most populous city is Birch Bark City.

Male and Female Wood Elf:

The Dark Elf are the atheist, dark magic counterparts to the High Elf. Their culture reflect the culture of the Laurentian more than it does the High Elves, babies are born in hospitals and at death they are buried in graveyards. Where the High Elven code forbids science and looks down upon it, the Dark Elven code embraces it, using it and magic to create formidable Magi-Tek constructs and weapon's like the powerful ARCannon. Almost all Dark Elf are self conscious, self absorbed and self caring and put no thought into the well being of others. They all live their shaded lives resenting the High Elves and the Humans that made them they way they are. Dark Elves make the Coliginosity their home.

Dark Elf Male:

Dark Elf Female:

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