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Introduction: Tactical Arms Lands, 1

Because the Order is the location all Newcomers will start at, it is protected by a Getten Veil. A Gatten Veil renders all Abilities, Aspects and Weapons useless within the borders of the order. Any attempts to do so will result in intervention from the Order or the Order Guard and may come with a trip to the Vault.

Just outside of the Orders City is the rest of the landscape that makes up the area meant for beginners to roleplay in and take their first few quests. Most of this landscape is a simple forest, filled with friendly monsters, animals and people, that would never harm you. Only by permission from the Order, like a quest or mission will your powers work in here, and even then you are under watch
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Introduction: Tactical Arms Lands, 1

Wed Jun 11, 2014 11:20 pm

As the battle with Koudo and Priere rage on, Tactical Arms Omega found himself caught, he was losing, his ally, Insanity, turning it's back upon him. Priere's Sub Zero was beginning to break through and crack the steel plating that made up Omega and Koudo's Energy Chainsaw was cutting through the fragile metal like a hot knife though butter. Such was the power of two of Vescrutia's most powerful Sannin. Not soon after, a force, much greater than Priere and Koudo would begin talking to Tactical Arms. Tactical Arms inside Omega that was being torn apart would begin to fear things, his human given heart, pounding as his inevitable death was coming.

"You're end...'re beginning is yet to come..." the echoing voice would say.

After it spoke, Tactical Arms would find himself inside a void of pure grey, a void. A large hand was reaching towards him. The large hand, grasped onto Tactical Arms and pulled him with force right through the void, shattering it like a mirror to reveal what was the planet Kwandrivia. Below him, was a new world, a new place, one where he explore and start a new life, a life free from the Insanity, There he watched as this world grew, grew and grew until he found himself falling towards the ground. Right before reaching the ground a cushion of air, slowed and stopped him, it placed him on the ground with care and from there spoke.

"Let you're new life begin" it would say.

Tactical Arms then found himself inside a small town, one with people of all sorts wandering about, things were a mashup of all technologies and magic, it was a small town, it looked as though people had come together, set their differences aside and just wanted to live. This is what Tactical Arms wanted.

"Head through the forest, and to the City, there, you're true adventure will begin" the voice spoke to Tactical Arms.

The voice was familiar to him, it sounded like someone he had met before, someone he cared for...

But for now, it was time to head to the Order.

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