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Bottoms Up!

Al around the Zephyr Resort is a large area of shallow water. This area is a common area for visitors to the islands because of it's beauty. Because of it's popularity, hundreds of small personal homes have been built atop stilts. The Shallows are just deep enough for boats to sail through but some spots are shallow enough for people to walk upon.
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Re: Bottoms Up!

Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:03 pm

*The long red dragon high in the sky huffed fire out of its nostrils and flew to the beach where he landed in one large clearing and coiled up to nap making sure he was a ways away from the shore. There he would nap or at least try to occasionally opening one eye to keep guard of the other 2.*

*Meanwhile Akira swam around the water completely relaxed while his other dragon within the water slithered below the surface exploring the depths potentially snacking on some sealife within the waters.*
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Re: Bottoms Up!

Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:32 pm

William would walk towards the waters edge, but not close enough that the waves would reach his feet. He would look over at Akira's Dragons and then at the other dragons he had and then at Linnea's dragons.

"I could become one too, butttttt, the Order's seal doesn't let me do that" William would say to himself before turning around and pulling a phone out to check something then putting the phone back to who knows where.

After this, William would walk towards where his Bane of Blowing Souls landed and pick it up. After taking it would look to where Linnea was and call out to her.

"Iv'e gotta get going! I'll see you another time" William would call out in her general direction.

After this he would wait for any response before he headed out to the Order.

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