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Re: Coming Ashore

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:58 pm
by NPC
The Dark Elf that had handed Arren the iPad immediately took notice of hos he didn't know how to use it. Education and Science was a top priority for Dark Elves of the Coliginosity. Education was mandatory and the nation had top level universities that made most other nations Universities seem like pre-schools. He took the iPad back with a slight snatch motion.

"You'd do yourself a favour with a decent education" the Elf would say as he turned his head from Arren in disgust.

Dark Elven were quick to judge, and had a bad attitude.

"Your mission will take you to the homeland of the Dark Elven kind, my homeland, the Coliginosity. You'll be meeting up with our kind and escorting him through the Darkenwoods. Be sure to STAY ON the path" the other Dark Elf would say, his attitude better than the one that scoffed at Arren moment before.

Re: Coming Ashore

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:03 pm
by Thundarius
Thundarius was, always used to this kind of stuff, He too far too many that received the same treatment Arren did. But he didn't interfere, unless it went too far. Thundarius waited for the Dark Elves to give thier information before he himself spoke up.

"Don't worry about those two, Dark Elves are always like that." Thundarius would say waving his hand at the Dark Elf from where he was in some sort of teasing gesture.

"Now, before you're teleported away, do you have any last words?" Thundarius would say as he turned his head quickly and looked to the Tower of Order then turned it back to Arren.

Re: Coming Ashore

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:58 pm
by Arren Waters
It took every bone in Arren's body that made him a decent man, not to reach for the dark elf after his insult. This gnawing irritation tingling at the nape of his neck was all too familiar. Arren remembered now.

The biting words and pompous attitude immediately jogged his memory about elves. There were many in the north, 'different' from one another, but all the same in the eyes of the goliath race. A small number or 'Drow', or Dark Elves, had settled north, only one isolated community actually, but they were especially cutting and cunning linguists there too. The goods they peddled were exceptional and could only be obtained through them, so they liked to curve conversations in their favor and short others on trade. It was why the Iron Aura usually didn't do business with them.

Arren has seen it, once, where it took every thing in his father, a better man than he, not to just raid them at every possible opportunity. For as weak as they looked, their community was well protected and it was unwise to test those defenses.

His fists tightened, he didn't move, but he was trembling with rage as his mission was explained to him by the nicer of the two elves. It took him a deep breath and a rotation of his neck to calm down, as he turned to Thundarius.

"Just one thing," Arren replied, turning his head back to the Dark elf pair and pointing specifically to the rude one, "Dos orn'la xun dosstan natha elamshinae xuil screa'in bel'lain, verve har." Spoken in Drow, which roughly translated to, 'You would do yourself a favor with learning respect, long ear.' Showing that while Arren was not versed in the arts of reading and writing, he was not uneducated and was well versed in language. In fact, Arren knew quite a few.

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Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:43 am
by NPC
As soon as Arren began speaking the Dark Elf set the iPad down in surprise rather than retaliation. He completely ignored the tone and attitude of Arren. There weren't many who knew the ancient tongue that was purged from the nation some 200 years ago. Some still knew about it, and some still studied it, but just as latin was, Dark Elven dialect was also no longer used. Instead the Dark Elven kind and most other in Kwandrivia used English, the official language of the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations.

"My word! The ancient language!" the Dark Elf spoke in amazement.

The Dark Elf picked the iPad up feeling a tad embarrassed now, he did his best to hide it by turning his back to Thundarius and Arren but it was obvious by now.

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Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:52 am
by Thundarius
"Good thing nothing too much came of that" Thundairus would say to himself in his head before he started walking towards the Grand Teleportal's smaller Teleportals that were more human sized than ship or vehicle sized.

"Well, you showed him, you even surprised me there. I never thought I'd meant a non Elf who could speak one of the ancient Elven languages. Then again, I'd also never thought I'd be face to face with someone who's body rival's my own" Thundarius. would say to Arren.

"Now, off you go to the Darkenwoods" Thundarius would say pointing towards the small Teleportal that was large enough to fit a ten foot tall humanoid.

"Just walk through that circle and you'll be starting your mission" Thundarius would add.

Re: Coming Ashore

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:37 am
by Arren Waters
Now it was Arren's turn to sit smugly on high. He only relished in his linguistic superiority for a short time before his attention was taken by Thundarius once more. He followed him to the teleportals.

It probably was quite strange to hear a non elf speak in a tongue that was, apparently, ancient to the elves of the Thundarius's civilization. Where Arren comes from, it's the common tongue of the elves that live up there. Most tribes dabble in Common English, but it was safer to speak secrets in your own tongue than to speak them in English.

"I hope to meet you again, Thundarius, perhaps a contest of strength next time!" Arren replied with a hearty laughter before stepping away from Thundarius into the Teleportal that he was being directed towards.