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the General's Winter 2014 Anime

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the General
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the General's Winter 2014 Anime

Tue Apr 08, 2014 2:09 pm

Now that I have finished all of these, It's opinion time. I wont spoil anything or say anything about the plot.

No-Rin: The shows first episode started with a singing, dancing, j-pop idol. It looked to be something fun, musical and colourful. Fun was the right word. The main character wakes up from a dream and all the singing and stuff is no more. The series itself was enjoyable, it was Very random, there were a lot of references from other anime thrown in. Plot: there wasn't much of one, but that goes with the show being random. I'd say watch this one if you dont feel like plot or if you just feel like watching something funny and light.

Noragami: Touching, Feels, FEELS. This was a great series, and I want a season 2. It was funny, the characters were likable, there was very little fan service too. The main character was voiced by Shingeki no Kyojin's Levi. This series was all plot droven, there was action, romance, feels and everything awesome for a short little series. I definitely recommend this one.

Super Sonico: Moe, Cute, Happy. It's Super Sonico. This show is about a Model/Singer/Actress doing daily things. 0 PLOT and I repeat 0 PLOT. There's as much plot here as in the endless 8. The show kept me because the main character was damn well cute. There wasn't anything about this show that wasn't cute. Sonico is cute.

Crappy reviews or whatever these might be.

Gundam Build Fighters: This is the Gundam show with no death, no war, no real ,mecha. Wait, how is it Gundam without Gundam. Well, its about gunpla, and its about fun, think Yu-Gi-Oh but with mobile suits. There isn't war, there isn't death, there isn't angst. The entire show was a big throwback and nostalgia trip for any fan whose ever watched all the previous series. Gundam Fanservice, and not the nude oppai kind.

Space Dandy: Boobs

That is all.
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