As winter approaches Kwandrivia, a spine chilling wind covers the lands as a dark force is felt...

A quick pitstop

A generic forest, filled with trees, wild life and the occasional man eating Basalisk.
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A quick pitstop

Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:34 pm

*Up above Miles had dropped deactivating his jet pack system and just before the ground reactivated them at full force speeding by a suspicious grave. That grave was the grave Miles was looking for and with his telekinesis he brought up whatever was left within the grave as surprisingly two swords, 1 pair of gauntlet, 1 wrist mounted gauntlet with a gem in the front and one shining orb. These objects would orbit around Miles as he first grabbed the two swords placing them on his back held by straps in place so they don't fly off. Next he grabbed the pairs of gauntlets quickly placing them on and finally placed the gem wrist gauntlet on his right wrist while crushing the orb in his right hand causing some strange mist to be absorbed within Miles. After which he continued his flight back up into the sky leaving the area.*

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