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Zhanytos Takes a Test

Outside of the Pokemon Areas is the Battlegrounds. These are millions of specially generated landscapes each fit for your battle and skills. ere one comes to train or fight one another. Tournaments are also held here.
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Zhanytos Takes a Test

Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:41 pm

*A few hours after ending the sparring session with Erik, I would arrive at the ranking center of the Order, having found out about this place from hearsay while walking around the rest of the Order. I had done so while resting up from the before said spar, deciding to becoming familiar with this place and discover what I could while looking around. I had realized now how large the Order really was and how much life resided here. It amazed me and reminded me a little of Zen City, in a strange way. Once I had paid my ranking fee and signed up, I enter the Ranking Arena confidently, coming to stand in the very center by a large boulder, which I then came to lean against, my spear resting against my shoulder as I stood, waiting for a proctor to show. I was a little nervous, but I calmed myself as I waited, assuring myself that all would be ok, so long as I did my best.*

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