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You can now link your characters account to your main one. Use the drop down menu in the top right corner then go to profile, from there edit your profile, then go to Linked Accounts. Then begin adding from there. The dropdown menu in the top right is where you can find your linked accounts.

Tensei vs Akira

Outside of the Pokemon Areas is the Battlegrounds. These are millions of specially generated landscapes each fit for your battle and skills. ere one comes to train or fight one another. Tournaments are also held here.
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Re: Tensei vs Akira

Sun May 15, 2016 12:17 pm

Claim 3)
"How do you expect me to RP with someone that can't even make logical sense because they're too busy trying to assert some power?"
The forum has a ranking system in place for a reason, high rank characters have been on the forum or past versions of this forum for a MUCH longer time than you. Saying your character should be able to beat up Akira on an equal level of skill, power and speed, is like me approaching my MMA sensai and winning against him while he was going all out. It's just not logical at all therefore breaking down your own point about being logical
Response 3)
I Have Characters From The Past On Here, Both Of Which Are Directly Connected To Tensei And His Power Level And His Story. Not To Mention, The Evidence Of His Story And Its Relation To Kwandrivia Before He Got Here. Tensei Draws Power From These Things By Default, Because They Are Connected To Him. Not To Mention, From A Purely Solely Logical Standpoint, There Are Different Levels And Speeds Of Learning. Certainly, There Have Been 5 Years Olds That Learn Languages Much More Swiftly Than An Adult Taking 4 Years Of Language. That Sort Of Measurement Is Inaccurate. The Faster You Learn The Faster You Develop, And That Cuts Down Time It Takes To Acquire Or Achieve Certain Things That May Take Someone Else Longer To Do, Which Thereby Makes That Point Invalid And Irrelevant Ultimately. Also, Just Because You Did Not See The Development Doesn't Mean You Disregard It Happened. That Is Delusional, And I Will Further Express The Depth Of This Delusion As Carried On.

Evidence 3)
Many people recognize that each person prefers different learning styles and techniques. Learning styles group common ways that people learn. Everyone has a mix of learning styles. Some people may find that they have a dominant style of learning, with far less use of the other styles. Others may find that they use different styles in different circumstances. There is no right mix. Nor are your styles fixed. You can develop ability in less dominant styles, as well as further develop styles that you already use well.
Cognitive processes are important to animals because they not only influence how animals acquire, store and recall information, but also may underpin behaviours such as deciding where to look for food, build a nest, or with whom to mate. Several recent studies have begun to examine the potential interaction between variation in cognition and variation in personality traits. One hypothesis proposed that there is a speed-accuracy trade-off in cognition ability that aligns with a fast-slow behaviour type. Here, we explicitly examined this hypothesis by testing wild-caught black-capped chickadees in a series of cognitive tasks that assessed both learning speed (the number of trials taken to learn) and accuracy (post-acquisition performance when tested with un-trained exemplars). Chickadees' exploration scores were measured in a novel environment task. We found that slow-exploring chickadees demonstrated higher accuracy during the test phase, but did not learn the initial task in fewer trials compared to fast-exploring chickadees, providing partial support for the proposed link between cognition and personality. We report positive correlations in learning speed between different phases within cognitive tasks, but not between the three cognitive tasks suggesting independence in underlying cognitive processing. We discuss different rule-based strategies that may contribute to differential performance accuracy in cognitive tasks and provide suggestions for future experimentation to examine mechanisms underlying the relationship between cognition and personality.
Tensei, known formally as 'Lord Tensei' that hail from the Veritas, and the father of all of the 'Tensei' Family, travels across the universes of all kinds exploring the far reaches of space in his 8th Restriction form whilst his home world, the Veritas, is taken care of and maintained by his lesser Restriction forms. He likes to make friends and allies and do cool things with his phenomenal cosmic power.
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Re: Tensei vs Akira

Sun May 15, 2016 1:00 pm

Claim 4)
"such as Strength, Speed, Defense and ALL those other things DO NOT APPLY TO TENSEI AT ANY RANK"
Yet again rank applies due to levels of experience and skill gained along their time in the Escellsia/Kwandrivia world. your character just wandered in and faced off against Akira a 3rd rank who in the beginning was fighting you at a skill level of a 7th rank so the equal clashes were forgiven but near the end he went all out leaving minimal chance of successful counter. Was he trying to kiill you? no at worst he would injure him making Tensei require a doctor. You would know this if you read his posts carefully or asked ooc.
Claim 5)
" I don't even know how this one ACHIEVED this rank with all this shoddy workmanship"
Akira has been around for years and has been training in character to gain the power, speed, accuracy, and skill he has at this rank. To disregard this to settle your own personal god complex is disrespectful and once again against the rules (4rth time you broke the rules)
Response 4&5)
None Of That Applies At All. All Of That Is Irrelevant. Tensei Is Not One Being But A Culmination Of Several, Inclusive To The Several Tensei Family Beings That Were Already Within The Escellsia/Kwandrivia Universe, And Their Power Does Not Get Cut Off From Each Other. You Would Know This If You Actually Knew The Backstory Of Tensei, Which Is Important In Order To Understand Why It Is That Tensei Can Do These Things And Cannot Be Measured The Same Way As A Normal 7th Rank. You Do Not Know How To Do This, But It Is Already Done. This Is The Absolute Barest Minimum. He Doesn't Have Any Other Powers Or Abilities, So What Is It That You Would Even Hope To Accomplish Saying That He Can't Use Them As He Does? If The Body Is Destroyed, A New One Can Be Made. It Doesn't Matter If You Destroy Them All Day And Night. Strength And Defense Don't Really Apply Because Those Are Disposable. The Real Body Controls The Disposable Ones, And Akira Can't Even Touch The Real One. There Is No Way To Measure Those Things, I Am Telling You, And It's Because Of The Design Of The Character, Itself. Which Is Why You Must Measure Differently Without Question. None Of The Variables Apply To Anyone Else, Which Is Why This Is Different.

Look At All Of My Work And Evidence And Proof. Don't Tell Me It Means Nothing, Because Then I'll Know You're Telling Me Lies, And There Will Be No Hope At All For Reconciliation. You'll Be Judged Like Lucifer For Knowing What You're Doing Is Wrong And Continuing To Do It Anyway. Mercy Will Not Be Upon You, No Matter What You Say, For All Will Be Judged As A Lie From Your Lips.

Evidence 4&5)


Pg. 1 Post 15 Paragraph 3 Section 1)
Lord Tensei sighed, closing his eyes and restraining his Voice, which was that of a god. "Look, I've earned everything I've achieved, and no one's words will detract from that. I'm sure no one else would want someone being told they are something they are not, or that they are not something that they are." Khrona tapped his foot on the ground impatiently, now gravely irritated at having to think about countless errors piling up; error after error after error after error, like a simulator that could only general malevolent outcomes. "This isn't even my real body. Look, watch." From behind Lord Tensei, massive distortions in reality would cast around him and close him in, causing his body to flicker. The distortions suddenly came to a halt and formed a solid crystalline hand, which had lifted Lord Tensei from his seat. "I'm a Chess Piece, and my real body is the one moving me. That's why this won't work. I'm literally not a real person, and the real version of me cannot be seen nor acknowledged. But I can do a great deal of things other people can't. If my vessel is destroyed, I can just pick up some dirt and craft a new one. My physical flesh is nothing more than dust. Don't you understand that I cannot be grouped with normal people because my physical properties, even down to this extent, are simply different?" Acknowledgement would be an issue, but probably not if he just went out and made a scene somewhere.
-Skelette- ... 248&t=6689

Post 8 Paragraph 5 Section 1
"... Dad?"

A creature, by the name of Skelette, it seemed, was her father's new form. It only existed as his consciousness, drawing in the energy of death to give itself a physical form. Through both Necromancy and the remaining knowledge of the Shini Energy, Skelette was the final vessel that Zita needed to complete her memory. Skelette roamed far and wide ever since the fall of the Nightmare Village, where it seemed to have first appeared, transitioning between the realms through means of death itself. When his search bore no fruits in the Nightmare, it traveled to Escellsia, yet that was a fruitless effort, as well. But now, with Zita's mind unlocked and the Lich King's soul awakened fully through her memories, his consciousness could return to the source, as well...

And with that, Zita's consciousness returned from the depths of her mind, jolting her awake to stare at the Skeleton Key once again. This time, however, a small, ghastly figure stood at her feet, as if it had been waiting for quite a while. It was Skelette. He made his way there quick via his Body Manifestation.

"... Dad...? Is... Is that you?"
-Skelette's Power Source- ... 733#p81733
The entire Terra Gris rested in the sole control of the Zero World; a land once shining silver now pitch black in color, having already been consumed by she who was once the Zero World prior to. Her work yielded unquestionable results... and the undead realm that would soon be this cesspool of pure black belonged to the newly risen Lich King and new embodiment of the Zero World, Grim the Reaper.

"... I can feel the waning strength of another Lich's well of power here...
Let me swiftly claim it as my own and erase that essence."

Appearing from nothingness, his body condensed from the ever present darkness, connected to the very atmosphere all around as though it were merely an extension of himself (which, indeed, it was.) Searching his sanctuary for the Well of Power wouldn't take too long... Since he was everywhere within and without.
-Evidence That Skelette Is Tzita's Father And Related To Tensei, Which Pool Their Power-
"Hey Daddy," she said in an almost teenagery way as she was pulled from the darkness. Even though she was one of the oldest living witches in Vescrutia, it in no way meant she was one of the oldest witches alive. In fact, she was one of the younger magical beings, having only lived a mere thousand years. She was still like a teen in comparison to them. Seems that was all it needed to be for an attitude change... Though, Zita never really grew up in the first place, despite how motherly and regal she acted. "So, long story short, the Keeper of Insanity came and kinda sucked the Insanity out of me and now it's inside of him. After what happened with me, my daughter and this new daughter, most of my powers have been locked up by Khrona, so..." she kinda raised her eyebrows suggestively, as though she were expecting him to catch the message about what she was asking at that point. She then remembered about Chusin and decided to introduce her. "Oh, by the way, you have a granddaughter. This is her. Say hi to granddaddy, Chusin." She nudged her, then waited for her to speak.
-Skelette Drawing Power From His Power Source On Vescrutia, Which He First Came From On The Nightmare-


Post 2 Paragraph 1 Section 1
Skelette, which was the Black Knight of Tensei, would be left to continue on as it would and ravage the land as a Living Curse upon Kwandrivia. It would draw power from Vescrutia and equip a Metal Pumpkinhead as its head, hidden with a dark cloak, Skelette's robe, and shrouded in darkness. Only the burning red eyes could be seen, filled with vicious and destructive chaotic energy. There was no logic in it and any that came toward it would be destroyed. As would anything illogical. Just its existence started to eat away at the dimension, because the Metal Pumpkinhead was heating up. The eyes flashed blood red.
Skelette's Original Story
A being of unknown species... Just a being of some kind. Lingering dark magic was left within the air of a graveyard one day... and it seeped into the grave of a creature gone wrong. That's the story that everyone tells. It just might be true. They said that the essence of a black magic using necromancer embroidered himself within the bones of the dead due to a miscalculation he made, forever leaving him in the state of energy and within the bones of some sort of skeleton... Though the necromancer would not rest like this. With his last amount of energy, he awakened the bones that he had sealed his magics within and animated them, thus leading to Skelette. Skelette dawned these magical talents upon the final wishes of the necromancer, though because of the necromancer's putrid and secluded mind, these leftover feelings became Skelette's personality; Taciturn, secluded, cold... Just like the dead. Though, there are times when Skelette will show compassion... Perhaps from its own knowledge... or from its memory of its dead brethren... Or perhaps the necromancer wasn't all that bad? No one could ever know...
Tensei, known formally as 'Lord Tensei' that hail from the Veritas, and the father of all of the 'Tensei' Family, travels across the universes of all kinds exploring the far reaches of space in his 8th Restriction form whilst his home world, the Veritas, is taken care of and maintained by his lesser Restriction forms. He likes to make friends and allies and do cool things with his phenomenal cosmic power.
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Re: Tensei vs Akira

Sun May 15, 2016 1:22 pm

Claim 7
Logic would dictate this is false, in order to react to something your mind must comprehend what is going on first then react as such hence this statement is op to apply to Tensei in all 100% situations he is involved in.
Response 7)
Tensei Himself Is A Large Body. The Physical Form Is A Vessel, And Is Moved By The Large Body. Therefore, None Of What You Said Applies, Like I Have Been Trying To Tell You. You're Measuring Him On The Level Of A Normal Person, Which Is What I'm Trying To Say Is What You Cannot Do, Because Logically Speaking, All Of The Things Dictate That None Of What You're Saying Actually Matters. If The Large Body Sees For The Physical One, Then It Moves The Physical One Whether The Physical One Is Actually Consciously Insisting It, Because The Actual Mind Or Consciousness Is Not In The Smaller Vessel, But The Larger Body. You Don't Know Who Or What You're Looking At, Nor How These Things Apply To A Larger Body, Nor What A Larger Body Does With Its Smaller Components.

Evidence 7)

Post 2 Paragraph 1 Section 1
-Hint Of A Larger Body Controlling A Smaller Body-
Two glowing crystalline orbs would appear looking over Kwandrivia. As they hovered about, a voice that could only be heard through the bodies of space would say, "Perhaps they aren't prepared for us." The hand that was using the moon as leverage would suddenly lift and disappear, yet the glowing crystalline orbs would remain hovering as their own astral bodies in space. "I'll see if I should reschedule, or recalculate." The vessel wasn't allowed its full power in the realm of another, which could be understood by the extent of the 'Free Will' restricting the energy of the foreign presence. It wasn't much, but the feeling it brought in the atmosphere certainly did not go undetected, nor unfocused on. "They are uncomfortable. That was well within calculations." There was fear in them. This planet must have suffered something prior to, which would make foreigners, perhaps, a little less welcomed. "Let us observe them further and calculate after we have gathered more solid information. They may have seen too much that they aren't able to deal with, and that would mean plans for evacuation." Keeping things hidden, especially the fullness of this specific form, was best for the sake of others. And so, the presence would remain both hidden and undetected, whilst the envoy, Lord Tensei, would peruse the planet further. The crystalline orbs kept watch over what was occurring diligently.
-Distinction Between 'Tensei,' 'Presence Of Tensei' And 'Lord Tensei' -

Post 2 Paragraph 1 Section 1
As Tensei's Presence rested more comfortably upon Kwandrivia, and it rested over the movements of Lord Tensei throughout the land as he headed to the City, the print of a hand softly pressed upon the Arctic Ocean, binding together the ice wherever it was like compacting snow. The gelid air was as frosty as the tension of his hand across the land as Tensei eased his way further into the Arctic Ocean. Though Tensei never was fond of the cold, the crystalline glamour was certainly of tastefulness to his eye, which was why this was the chosen location for him to rest his Presence upon entry into the new planet. The feeling of the arctic region felt light, much to his relief. Living in the Crystal Palace must have been useful for dealing with these sorts of environs.
Tensei, known formally as 'Lord Tensei' that hail from the Veritas, and the father of all of the 'Tensei' Family, travels across the universes of all kinds exploring the far reaches of space in his 8th Restriction form whilst his home world, the Veritas, is taken care of and maintained by his lesser Restriction forms. He likes to make friends and allies and do cool things with his phenomenal cosmic power.
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Re: Tensei vs Akira

Sun May 15, 2016 1:47 pm

Claim 8)
Why would we institute you as an extra giving you more rank power after the previous issues listed...and i'm not even through the analysis yet.
Response 8)
If You Want To Be Accurate, And Actually Care About The Truth Over Power, Then You Will Want To Factually Document Everything As Honestly And Truthfully As Possible. If Tensei Is Not Part Of Your Ranks, But Still Exists, Then What Else Could He Be But An EXTRA To The Planet? Especially If The Ranks Are Unable To Define Him Accurately. You Can't Force Someone To Be Something They Are Not. Tensei Will Not Be The Same For All The Reasons That Were Listed. If He Is Not Recognized As A 7th Rank As He Is, Then Extra Is The Only Other Thing He Could Be. Part Of The Environment, Itself, Rather Than Within It.

Claim 9)
That wasn't the point he was making, he was simply stating a USA police officer has no power in canada...also sometimes laws do change if you go elsewhere. Ever heard of castle law in the USA? Canada doesn't have that.
Response 9)
The Laws Of Physics Do Not Change. You Obey Those Laws In Canada And USA, And When Applied In Story, They Are To Be Obeyed, As Well. Akira Did Not Obey The Laws Of Physics. Tensei Did, For All The Reasons Listed Above. Respecting The Laws Of Physics Is Part OF Obeying Them. Therefore, That Is Equalized And Irrelevant, As Well.

Claim 10)
"SO TECHNICALLY I DID START FROM THE BOTTOM UP. Just because I have back story doesn't mean that it goes away nor that it means that I haven't lowered myself down to the level everyone finds manageable."
Everyone else started with a backstory too however regardless of the backstory they still start at a rank level 7 and at the same overall power.
Response 10)

Akira Has Less Posts Than I Do. There Is No Way In Hell He Started As A 7th Rank On THIS Site. And Because Of That, The Other Sites Apply To Me, As Well, If You're REALLY Trying To Be FAIR. Now That This Is Established, If You Deny This Logic, You Will Be Judged As 'Unfair' And No Longer Be A Suitable Person To Judge, For Tipping The Scales In The Favor Of Yourself Above Someone Else Doing The Exact Same Thing. That Is Actually Criminal; Changing The Evidence And Rules Only To Suit Yourself.

Claim 11)
"Fortunately For You, I Already Predicted This Outcome Months In Advance."
If you knew this would happen then why use this character? Why not be a different character that would be more friendly for this forum.
Response 11)
Because I Thought You All Could Respect Basic Rules And Laws And Things Beyond This World And Remember That Those Things Apply, But It Seems Like The Restriction Restrains Your Minds, As Well. This Was A Test. Failed, Of Course. I Needed To See How You Dealt With Me, And I Am Not Only Not Pleased, I Am Not Impressed With How I Have Been Treated, Nor How You Carry Yourselves As A Whole. Your Image Is More Than Tainted And Tarnished Before Me. It Is Unclean, And Until It Is, I Cannot Take You Nor This Place Seriously. Your Judgment Is Illogical And Irrational And Unfair, And Because Of That, Actually Taking You Seriously Is A Hazard Because Your Logic Is Flawed. I Cannot Accept What You Have To Say Or What You Think Or Feel Because It Is Poisonous To Me Just To Even Consider For A Moment As Being Something Acknowledgable If It Is Not Completely 100% Factual, And It's Because You Would Attempt To Sneakily Alter Things In Your Favor. So No. I Cannot Take You Seriously Because You'll Take It And Run With It. I Just Needed Proof For Both Your Understanding And My Own. So You've Proven That These Words Are So And Shall Be Adhered To.

Claim 12)
"And Are You Telling Me That I Can't Be Part Of Your System, But I Can Be Apart Of Your Ranks?"
Yes because if you were given a mod/admin position with this kind of attitude people would be killed just for looking at you wrong (not literally looking at you but you get the point). You must gain trust to become part of the system in the regards your referring to.
Response 12)
You Do Not Trust Me, And Have Proven To Me Before My Very Eyes On Pretty Much All Accounts That You Are Not Trustworthy. You Must Earn My Trust By Trusting Me, Which Is Something That The Restrictions Upon You Do Not Allow You To Do. You're Bound And Trapped, And Because Of It, You Cannot Come Out Of That Isolation. Now You Do Not Have My Trust Nor My Word, Because I See That Your Word Means Literally Nothing To You And Trust Is Not Actually In You, Nor Is Truthfulness. Why Would I Trust Someone Who I Have Clearly Seen Will Do Everything To Connive As Long As I Don't Mention The Underhandedness Going On, Hm? Just Because It Isn't Mentioned Doesn't Make It Okay. It Actually Makes It Worse, And Makes You Look That Much Worse For Being Untrustworthy In The Light, And Thinking You Were Covered By Darkness When You Made Your Movements. Then, When It's Exposed, Trying To Cover It Up. This Is Why Those Who DO That Can Never Be Trusted With Anything. Especially Not Another Person, Such As A User On This Site, Such As Myself. You Cannot Properly Take Care Of Me, As An Admin, Nor As A User. You Shame Me For Having To Even Have This Conversation With You.

Claim 13)
"Turn Me Into An Antagonist."
We don't have antagonists anymore anyone could be a villain they however still have to follow a rank system.
Response 13)
Again, Not Applicable. Not Only That, Why Deny Me Being An Antagonist? At This Rate, It Looks Like There Literally Is No Option Except Being 7th Rank, No Matter What You're Told, And That Means You Are Not Only Inflexible, But This Is A Prison. I Will Not Be Enslaved To Appease You. You Cannot Even Assist Me As A User In A Manner That Is Proper. If A Character Is An Antagonist, They Are An Antagonist No Matter What, And How Could You Deny That If The Character Is Just Going To Attack You, Anyway, And Be Labeled As An Antagonist? You Are Literally Acting Foolishly, And It's Spilling Over Into Literally Everything You Touch. You Attempting To Force Your Way Is Becoming Abhorrent, And Reveals To Me More And More About You And This Place. I Need To See A Little More.

Claim 14)
We aren't a paying business nor did you purchase any payment to post on this forum therefore we have no requirement to please you as a customer since you require to purchase something from the forum to become a customer.

In this entire rant btw you were saying variants of the word f*** a total of 19 times 1 of which was m******f******. I am 80% sure we had a rule on profanity and even with that I am lenient on that in my honest opinion but that is ridiculous.

Also if you were to remove rank limits, characters like mine could logically swallow up the entire planet and wipe out all of existence using his powers. and there would be no rule to stop it. therefore the rank system is a necessity for things like that to not occur.
Response 14)
You Still Do Have To Tend To Your Members, Or You're Being A Bad Admin, Which You Actually Are, Last I Checked. Falling Literally Into The Same Traps As The Last Place, And Not Even Seeing Them. Now I Have Already Built A Solid Foundation Of Evidence And Responses That Cut Yours Off. And, Now, It's Time To Judge Your True Rationality And Comprehensiveness. As For The Swearing; Fine. I Will Speak To You Just Like This And Can Still Be Even More Severe Than A Swear Ever Could Be, As You'll Find Out, If Your Response Is As I Predict It To Be. And You Know I Am Always Correct, As You Can Clearly See From What Has Been Placed Before You. I Am Simply Waiting For You To Move Incorrectly And Finalize All The Things I Need To Seal The Deal Permanently.
Tensei, known formally as 'Lord Tensei' that hail from the Veritas, and the father of all of the 'Tensei' Family, travels across the universes of all kinds exploring the far reaches of space in his 8th Restriction form whilst his home world, the Veritas, is taken care of and maintained by his lesser Restriction forms. He likes to make friends and allies and do cool things with his phenomenal cosmic power.
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Re: Tensei vs Akira

Sun May 15, 2016 1:48 pm

-End Communication-
*You May Respond Now*
Tensei, known formally as 'Lord Tensei' that hail from the Veritas, and the father of all of the 'Tensei' Family, travels across the universes of all kinds exploring the far reaches of space in his 8th Restriction form whilst his home world, the Veritas, is taken care of and maintained by his lesser Restriction forms. He likes to make friends and allies and do cool things with his phenomenal cosmic power.
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Re: Tensei vs Akira

Sun May 15, 2016 2:39 pm

Yes you have multiple characters on Vescrutia, the Vertias, and your own stories, but that does not mean that if you have Khrona here, that Prier, Tomon, Tigen, Pumpkinhead, Infinitigen and many others are given an automatic pass onto the forum. That's like me adding a Kydarin and by default pulling in several other Kydarin who are related or part of that same Kydarin's being and giving them all 1st Rank.

I acknowledged the fact your character is diverse and different, I have stated this many a times. But, I have also noted several times that another character, should be used in place of Khrona to avoid this exact scenario. That doesn't mean creating a whole new character who's some weak little scumbag. You can still have power and have fun. If I can make Erik, who controls Gaia (A god) fit into the confines of a 4th Rank character, then I'm sure Khrona can be made to fit into that too.

Yes Khrona can merge with his environment, in this case Kwandrivia and utilize it's energy and stuff (Harmonizing). That is what Erik does, he taps into a planet's Gaian Energy and merges with it. But even then, Erik still stays within the limits of a 4th rank.

Khrona can, I know he can, you've spent years making the guy, years on Vescrutia.

From what I can peice together, you want to be a "Dungeon Master"

Dungeon Master
In any game of Dungeons & Dragons, the Dungeon Master serves as author, director, and referee. A good DM must be creative, designing a world from scratch and spinning it into narrative. But they must also possess an ordered, logical mind, capable of recalling and understanding hundreds of pages' worth of rules
Yes, you are creative, and have designed an entire world (Veritas). But that does not apply here, On Kwandrivia you are just like the General, Akira, Slain, Alieth, Kama, Mirg, Alyss. They are all massivly differnt characters One is a Reality Generating Technological Construct, the next is a Martial Artist, the Next the Overlord of Vampires, the next a Kulazian Warrior, the next a Shrew who uses Biology, Time Control and Storms. All these character are vastly different, but all are bound by the same rules.

In my stories, Alieth could EASILY defeat the General, but on here, the General is a higher rank, and therefor would beat Alieth.

Now onto the core of things, if you're still reading.

These are from the Rules of the forum

Characters made for the purpose of growing more powerful and defeating enemies and each other are all given a rank based on their performance. There are 7 ranks to earn in Kwandrivia, increasing in power exponentially and each with their own title. All characters will start at the most basic rank of whatever faction they choose, with no exception.

Despite the fact that each faction has independent names for their ranks, the universal names for each rank are as follows:
- Pre-Rank (The Rank everyone starts out as to get introduced into the world of Kwandrivia)
- 7th Rank (Most Basic)
- 6th Rank
- 5th Rank
- 4th Rank (Advanced)
- 3rd Rank
- 2nd Rank (Elite)
- 1st Rank (Ledgendary)

As far as battles are concerned, rank plays a major role in the outcome but does NOT always mean that the higher rank will always come out victorious. The tides are constantly in the favor of whomever is ranked higher in battle, and most often will happen that way. The emphasis is that a 7th rank defeating a 5th rank is not something entirely unheard of. A 7th rank defeating a 3rd rank is, on the other hand, totally unheard of.


Curse Words
Cursing should be kept to a bare minimum when used OOC. Cursing should never be aimed directly at any members of Kwandrivia in any way.


No Godmodding
Godmodding is not allowed. Your character(s) are not all powerful gods, nor are they immortal. They cannot do whatever they want out side of the guidelines set by the Staff and site Rules. Godmodding is not tolerated and those who partake in godmodding will be warned and after the first warning the characters in question will be killed off. Remember, if you even for the slightest moment think that it’s a bit overpowered it more than likely is.


The primary basis and purpose of Kwandrivia is for you, the user, to build one or several characters in order to see how they perform in an active, action-oriented setting. The array of personalities, perks, techniques and abilities is entirely up to you; so long as the character's abilities stay within rank limitations (Surrounding the entire planet is a metaphysical hand, and opening massive gates to other dimensions at 7th Rank is breaking this extremely.


You've broken a ton of rules. I saw you were banned from Vescrutia, I came and helped you after everyone told me not to. I helped you make your own forum, I listened and talked to you, and still will.

I'm not against you, I do not hate you, I do not hate anyone.

Even so, I still have to do the old Bannerama. Several people were for it, some admin, some not. Democracy is democracy.
Tragedies make you who you are

the General's Theme -
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Re: Tensei vs Akira

Sun May 15, 2016 2:58 pm

I Want To Be Acknowledged That All I Have Done Still Applies.

Characters made for the purpose of growing more powerful and defeating enemies and each other are all given a rank based on their performance.
*Not Made For The Purpose OF Growing Powerful Or Defeating Enemies Or Each Other. Inapplicable.

... Sorry For Cursing.
Your character(s) are not all powerful gods, nor are they immortal. They cannot do whatever they want out side of the guidelines set by the Staff and site Rules.
In The 8th Restriction And Confined, He's Nowhere Near All-Powerful. All Of His All Powerfulness Is Beyond Kwandrivia, And A Bit Of Power Is Inside Kwandrivia. Tensei Is Not Immortal. Clearly, He Can Be Killed. Just Not Conventionally. Therefore, All Still Well Within The Rules, Unless The Staff Comes And Says Something, Which You Are. Unjustified, However, So It Should Become Null, Due To My Explanation That These Rules Remain Unbroken.

Also, Tensei, Even As A Seventh Rank, Is Only Seventh Rank As A Physical Body. Since You Cannot Measure His Real Body, It Technically Doesn't Exist To You. It Exists Outside Of Kwandrivia, And Therefore Just Because It Is Described On Kwandrivia It Doesn't Mean That It's Participating In Kwandrivia. It's Just Making Connections. However If You'd Prefer I Just Use The Large Body On The Veritas So That You Can't Actually See The Real Version, Then That's Fine. I Will Move The Real One On My Site And Have Him Move The Little One Here. But I Will Still Directly Link Them. Technically, This Doesn't Change Anything Except The Actual Image, Which, At The End Of The Day, Is Only For Appearances And Not Actually Really Changing Anything. I'm Trying To Tell You That These Things You Are Bringing Up Seriously Do Not Apply.
Tensei, known formally as 'Lord Tensei' that hail from the Veritas, and the father of all of the 'Tensei' Family, travels across the universes of all kinds exploring the far reaches of space in his 8th Restriction form whilst his home world, the Veritas, is taken care of and maintained by his lesser Restriction forms. He likes to make friends and allies and do cool things with his phenomenal cosmic power.
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Re: Tensei vs Akira

Sun May 15, 2016 7:15 pm

Tensei wrote:Tenseigan Lv. 8; Hyper Redemption: The power to use one's pure consciousness and visual perception to view and analyze whatever is gazed upon and become better, see what is better and make other things better after perceiving it with the Tenseigani Lv. 8. Whatever is viewed or consciously focused on (even without visuals) is where said power may be used or manifest. It is the power to be consciously and visually aware of what is Correct and seek Betterment through what is viewed as Correct. For example; if one makes any mistake, through 'Hyper Redemption,' the mistake made can be broken down and consciously understood why it was incorrect, then consciously made to become better as not to make that same mistake again, ensuring Correction. 'Auto-Correct.'

Eight Arms of Tabrith
Universal Power that allows for the Tensei to draw their own personal reserve of energy that they are all bound to, the Eight Arms of Tabrith, and use their general 8 arms and the abilities they hold in variable intensities and degrees in any Universe that is seen fit. Though the powers may be scaled down or up depending on each Universe, even at their weakest and most basic form, they remain the same in their ability. Any Tensei of the 8th Restriction can draw the power of the Eight Arms and become more powerful, usually involving Eight Arms to sprout from their bodies with each manipulating one of their own aspects made personalized via the original Eight Arms. They work as a nervous system, like a Brain and its Stem connecting to all of the Body. The Eight Hands harbor the Points that each Arm connects to. One can draw power from a single arm, multiple arms or all arms, but more arms require more energy to maintain.

1st Arm - Sloth
2nd Arm - Motivation
3rd Arm - Balance
4th Arm - Momentum
5th Arm - Presence
6th Arm - Chaos
7th Arm - Flaw
8th Arm - Will
I see no description of the removing from existence under the presence arm at all meaning officially you should not have that power. I do however see that there is evidence of it being editted after it was approved. Because of such how can I accept that topic as sufficient. What I likely to do with my characters is post an update post saying something along the lines of "editted. added blah blah blah" so they know what changed.

2) In regards to claim 3 you can throw all the realworld logic you want at it the rules stand as it is. When you start unless it has permission from admins starts at rank 7 which has limits that you are not allowed to pass. This is a rp forum where the rules keep this forum in line logic has some part in these battles but not a whole lot. Just look through the power sections, if we let logic dictate our ability limits we would have no supernatural skills whatsoever.

3)in regards to your response about 4 and 5 "Which Is Important In Order To Understand Why It Is That Tensei Can Do These Things And Cannot Be Measured The Same Way As A Normal 7th Rank" Once again why bring a character like this in then if he wouldn't be able to follow the rules in place that are clearly posted on the forum for everyone to know. Either make this character work to follow the rules or make a different one. Also you are only allowed to use abilities posted on the kwandrivia forum. NO POWERS POSTED ELSEWHERE!

4)In regards to the response about 7, it sounds like in lamens terms the body is essentially a puppet and the vessel being the master of the puppet kind of deal. At least that's how I read it. If this is the case that statement still does not apply in all 100% situations because visually your opponents are facing a person of humanoid shape or a physical creature which in a regular mindset of a opponent in a fight goes through the same thing regardless of what he faces in life. See the threat, Understand the threat, resolve the threat. This logic can be applied to anything in life be it someone attacking you, a threat to your job being a possible loss of income, or even a physical injury suffered through means putting you out of work. So regardless of what your character is the logic i said in regards to that holds true.

5)About making you an extra that still is a no go. either make your character work fora 7th rank or make a new character that will. period.

6)If your referring to the laws of physics no they do not change but General was referring to the government laws not the laws of physics. Also if your trying to refer to the laws of physics for this forum you are in the wrong forum. Sure it's kind of op to say "I switch places to all the way on the other side of the arena even though I weight 500lbs and have no strength or teleport ability whatsoever without a logical explanation as to why" but again look at the powers listed on this forum. Laws of physics have only a semistrong hold in this forum. They have to be considered yes but considering waht characters here can do they are sometimes bent to the purpose of the battle.

7) Akira has been in existance since 7th rank actually. Once again it must be said again there were previous versions of this forum that we chose to exist in this realm. Because of such old characters were transferred over at the same rank. And no vescrutia does no longer count, you missed that window as far as I know of.

8) about response 11, wrong wrong wrong, the limits add a challenge. On Kwandrivia you don't waltz in with an all powerful character you have to work to get to that level just like anything in life. To further in anything you must put effort and time towards it. I have in multiple of my characters so has Akira. You have not and simply waltzed in with your character thinking you can be god! Being a god character is no issue in text only. Being a god character that has abilities too powerful for his rank and to follow the rules is an issue.

9)In my eyes the admins have no need to gain the trust of those on the forum just to enforce the rules. If they gain someones trust great but the number 1 priority at times like these is to enforce the rules and laws of this forum which you broke multiple times and refuse to accept the consequences.

10)This is no enslavement. We are not holding you at your computer to keep posting here. If you choose to leave permanently I won't lose any sleep honestly. as far as I see it as one of the admins my main job is to enforce the rules. If you fail to follow said rules there is nothing keeping you here.

We are not controlling you to keep posting on this forum nor saying you must do exactly as we say with no pay. All we simply ask is for you to follow the rules just like everyone on this forum does. Enslavement would be shackling you to your computer locking you in whatever room you are in and telling you that you must post on this forum and post exactly as we say word for word. Which I am certain we are not doing.

11) Yes we do need to tend to our members but in an equal and fair manner. You forget you are not the only member here. Also speaking as someone who actually owns their own company (not this forum as it is not an official company to my knowledge) businesses have this little thing called the right to deny service. Most businesses however do not exercise this often however because frankly if they turned away everyone for tiny little things they wouldn't get paid. So even if we were a business and you did pay for service and ended up acting like this we woulds till be in the right to turn down your service with you acting as such.

p.s. thank you for apologizing for the cussing.

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