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Zekiri's Force Abilities

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Zekiri's Force Abilities

Sun Aug 17, 2014 11:29 pm

Dark Side Force Powers

Force Shock: Sends out a small bolt of electricity which aim to electrocute and burn the target in a small area hit. Does more damage to Force Sensitives (Jedi and Sith).

Force Shout: Allows user to send a small blast of sound energy outwards in a straight line which can cause objects and opponents to take some burst damage, and to be pushed backwards a small distance.

Force Slow: Focuses the Dark side of the Force around a single target, causing them to become slower, sluggish, and causing minor degrading to physical defenses.

Force Anger: Channels the Dark Side through the user, increasing their speed, strength, reflexes, and usually causing them to enter a 1-2 post max spree of physical attacks.

Neutral Force Powers

Force Dash: Allows user to blast forwards for a small amount (few seconds tops) of time in a blur of speed.

Force Jump: Uses Force to help leap upwards, usually a few feet or so higher than a normal human jump.

Force Manipulate: Uses to Force to Push, Pull, Grab, and otherwise move the environment and objects within it. Much like Telekinetic power, although limited in mass and size of objects controlled. Cannot Grab onto opponents directly, although can cause a push or pull force against them in attempt to move them.

Energy Resistance: Covers the user in Force that reflects small energy attacks and sources from the user. If enough energy is present, the field will over load, and vanish.


Training Lightsaber: Generic training saber given to me by the Sith Academy. Can only cut through medium grade metals or lower, but can still block energy bolts and other Lightsaber blades/sword blades. Has the traditional crimson-red colored blade.
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Re: Zekiri's Force Abilities

Mon Sep 29, 2014 10:19 am


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