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Kyandi: Okashi's Zanpakuto

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Kyandi: Okashi's Zanpakuto

Sat Nov 29, 2014 1:54 pm


Name: Kyandi

Sealed form

Spirit Form

Kyandi and I don't always see eye to eye, but we try to get along sometimes, anyways. Its sealed form is a nice length and weight, enough to be effectively used as a deadly weapon. Kyandi is very introverted, and at times grumpy, especially when I’m being particularly over-enthusiastic. He doesn’t speak much, but he does seem to care enough to tell me when I’m putting myself in danger and am too innocent to notice~♥ In any case, his version of sweets is much more...unforgiving than my own, although I’ve taken an understanding to his nature and am attempting to change his attitude about poisoning everyone he meets.

Shikai: First unsealed form my Zanpakuto takes on, appearing as a dark pink/amethyst colored short sword, double edged. In this form, Kyandi emits waves of Reiatsu outwards in a 15 ft radius around me. Whatever the Reiatsu touches will be continually coated with a sticky sugar-like substance very similar in touch and even taste, to frosting. This ‘frosting’ is used for two things:
1) a spiritual dampener, pushing other Reiatsu, Spiritual, Magical, otherwise Metaphysical forces and energies away from the area and whatever is covered. It is not powerful enough to completely negate or nullify abilities necessarily, however, it does create a powerful ‘buffer’ area against such attacks if we were to stand in the same place for long. I can also reabsorb the ‘Reiatsu-Frosting’ to gain back lost Reiatsu/energy.
2) Whatever becomes covered in the ‘Reiatsu-Frosting’ becomes extremely vulnerable to Kyandi’s direct attacks, enabling him to slice through materials/objects that he would not ordinarily be able to cut/damage.

Form: Image

Bankai: ((JUST YOU WAIT FOR THIS)) ((Unlearned))


Although a magic user at heart, Okashi isn’t as apt to use Kido during battle, though she is capable. So far, she has only learned to use Kido numbers 1-31. She prefers and is more comfortable with Bakudo (Binding spells) than Hado (Destructive spells).



~Okashi: The Fae Sugar-Queen~

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Re: Kyandi: Okashi's Zanpakuto

Sat Nov 29, 2014 7:05 pm


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