As winter approaches Kwandrivia, a spine chilling wind covers the lands as a dark force is felt...

An Egg To Be Hatch II: Return of the Egg

Deep inside a large petrified tree trunk are the nesting grounds of some of Kwandrivia's most ferocious but tame beasts. The beasts have come to trust and care for their nature loving friends and wish to make pacts with anyone who comes here.
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Linnea Redhunt
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An Egg To Be Hatch II: Return of the Egg

Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:07 am

Following the robot's instructions, Linnea found herself in the Halcyon Kingdom as she was advised. She pulled the cloak that surrounded her shoulders around her a little was well known that the place wasn't a fan of anyone who wasn't an elf. Regardless of whether or not Linnea agreed with it at all, she understood that even she had to abide by its ridiculous rules.

After some gentle prodding, giggles, and spitting of water from Nos, she wandered close to the Hatching Dens, still carrying the egg in her drawstring sack. She kept it warm by holding it against her belly and the blonde girl enthusiastically joked to her dragon that-- oh no!-- she was pregnant. That resulted in a squirt of water in the face and Linnea laughed, holding the egg in the crook of one arm and using a hand to wipe her face with the other. The elves around her seemed a little apprehensive, unsure whether or not this was some kind of intruder who clearly wasn't of the high born elven lineage...or they were simply mad and needed to be taken to the nearest clinic where her psychology would be thoroughly examined. But alas, the small dragon glaring little daggers every once in a while made them think otherwise...and Linnea's journey went rather undisturbed and uneventfully.

At this point, she was at the entrance of the Hatching Dens and Linnea would go in happily, excited to see what came next.
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Re: An Egg To Be Hatch II: Return of the Egg

Sat Dec 02, 2017 3:34 am

☼When Lin entered the Hatching Dens, she would be hit by the scent of earth, as the floor was bare of any plant life, save some roots from the trees. Across the dens lay many various shaped and sized nests. Many of these were empty, though a few had eggs in them, which were being watched over by a giant of an Elf, whom stood in the very center of it all, his amber hawk-like eyes scanning around with intense gaze. The moment Lin stepped foot in the vicinity, his gazed pierced her, seeming to scan her to her bones, as though nothing was not lay bare. A moment later, his eyes would shift, moving across the few eggs that were already situated in the nests around. This was the Nest Master and no egg was made off with in his charge. He made no attempt to communicate with Lin at this point, nor made any movement that she would be able to tell.☼

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