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Slain's Demons

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Slain's Demons

Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:29 pm

Gender:Supposedly Female
Highest Stats(3):Speed, Strength, Defense
Special Trait 1 - Shackles of Decay
When the shackle on Rasetta's mouth is removed she unleashes a radioactive/acidic/toxic slew of chemicals that dissolves and infects anything it touches. She then inhales deeply consuming the things her slew has touched. Anything inhaled is gathered as health energy that is given to Slain.

Special Trait 2 - Damage Transfer
Rasetta's second special trait is that she can transfer any damage that Slain might take and place it on herself. Great Damage can cause her death, so she must be careful.

A beam of light that compresses a non living target into a 5cm by 5cm cube. Good for snacking on.

A beam of light that causes anything is strike to violently begin shacking, almost to the point of crumbling apart.

A Shield of essence surrounds the demon, protecting it from most types of damage.

Rasetta can create a ball of light that doesn't damage, it just illuminates.

Explosive Light
After summoning the ball of light, it can then be converted into a beam which fires at a target. Upon contact said beam explodes rather violently.

Mental Levitation
Rasetta can mentally levitate objects this allows Slain to fly, since he can not.

Rasetta can mentally summon blue flames, very random of course. Everywhere and on everything due to her insane mental state. She made sure these flames do not hurt Slain, as she fears being sent to the demon realm to probably have what limbs she has go missing...again.

Seal fills something with essence making it nearly indestructible, Rasetta almost always uses this on Slain, as it makes Slain tougher, even though he doesn't need to be.
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Re: Slain's Demons

Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:01 pm


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