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Thalia's Beasts: Phobos & Fintan

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Thalia's Beasts: Phobos & Fintan

Fri Dec 27, 2013 1:52 pm


Race: Chimera
Gender: Male
Description: These beasts are highly dangerous, given they have three heads, usually one of a snake, goat, and lion. They are very fast, and physically strong. They also have magic on their side, which allows them to regenerate and also boost defenses. Their magical attacks include bursts of magical flame, frost, and lightning.

Flame Magic: Allows Phobos to magically unleash and manipulate flame, which can be used to burn and damage enemies, as well as a source of flame.

Frost Magic: Allows Phobos to magically unleash, form, and manipulate ice. This allows him to form defenses of ice, as well as offensive blasts of ice. Can also be used to freeze enemies solid.

Lightning Magic: Allows Phobos to magically unleash and manipulate lightning/electricity. This allows him to electrocute enemies, disable/re-power mechanical objects to some extent.

Blast Kick: Phobos stands on his front limbs and delivers a devastating kick with his hind feet, capable of breaking stone and denting metal.

Ferocious Roar: Phobos lets out a intimidating roar, which strikes fear into his enemies, causing those of lesser heart to flee before him.

Serpent's Venom: A single bite from his serpent headed tail can cause muscular paralysis due to the venom that it carries. Full body paralysis in a human will happen within a half an hour.


Race: Fire Elemental
Gender: Male
Description: Being made of pure fire, resistant to heat and other flames. These spirits double in power around a natural heat source, and are also noticeably stronger in direct sun light.


Human Form: The usual form that Fintan takes. In this form, he can interact physically at the same level as a human, except he cannot interact with water (at which point, he will begin to steam and flicker) Can still unleash flames, increase temperature, and burn things he touches. (See pic above)

Fire Form: Transforms into a form of full fire, unleashing flames in area around them and consuming everything in fire around them. In this form, he can fly, travel through very small spaces, and overall, change his size and shape in a whim. He also draws power from sunlight, light, and sources of heat, allowing him to absorb flame and light to boost his power and heal himself (can be done with slight more difficulty in human form).

Pic: Image

Blue Fire Form: Fintan can also enter a stage of heightened power, where his flames burn 2x as hot and take on a light blue color. This form is usually tied to emotion, although he has developed mastery over it. Human and Fire forms are possible each in this form, and are the same as before, except with an increase in power/color change.

Human Form:

Fire Form:


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Re: Thalia's Beasts: Phobos & Fintan

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