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Zegakiah's Anneptii Powers

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Zegakiah's Anneptii Powers

Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:06 pm


Animal Type: Mammal

Animal Form: Allows me to transform into any animal, but have the most power with Mammals. Most common is that of a monkey.

Human Form: Allows me to take on human form, which is basically my normal form from before (see avatar)

Transmorph Form: Allows me to transform halfway between animal and human, allowing for very interesting combinations. I can transfigure parts of myself into animal characteristics within my animal type while still remaining human/animal.
True Form: This is one of the strongest forms of an Anneptis. It is manifestation of animal/human qualities mixed with aspects of my studies/power. My True form is that of a cross between a human and a monkey. My height becomes 7 ft and I have 4 arms. My strength becomes 4x the normal capacity.
Coactum Form: Allows me to take on a manifested form pure force and/or energy or material that I can control.


Mammal Control: Allows me to summon and control other mammals.

Physical Enhancement: All my physical traits are enhanced (speed, strength, dexterity, reflexes, healing factor, etc).



Animal Type: Arthropod

Familiar Size Manipulation: Allows my familiar to manipulate their size at will, allowing them to shrink or swell in size at will, allowing giant or tiny versions of whatever animal they become.

Season: Winter
Element: Ice
Physical Enhancement: Physical Resistance
Sign: Amarok: Symbol of Cunning, Tracking, and the Hunt. Gives the aligned the ability to 1) Place a Scent seal on any target, which they can track by scent across large distances (only one seal can be active at once). 2) Move through low light or shadow areas with increased speed and near invisibility.


Shaddow: Shadow/Darkness mutation of Navitas, this energy is extremely versatile. It first and foremost is extremely defensive, about to shield the user from even strong energy attacks, depending on rank, and can also harden itself into solid objects which harnesses depend on rank. From there, it can be dispersed into smoke like energy, which also gives the user some shading ability. Shaddow's second attribute is its corruptibility. Being a dark mutation of Navitas, it tends to darken all around it very quickly, almost as though it drains the light from the area. At this rank, the solid Shaddow I produce has the hardness of carbon steel, a medium-high grade metal.

--->Shaddow Monkeys: Summons five Shaddow corrupted monkeys out of the shadows. Each move with speed and dexterity, like ninja's, attacking relentlessly. Can transform back and forth between solid and gaseous form.

Shadow Manipulation: Has the power to control shadows, and also transform them into solid objects and weapons. Also can use them as transportation.
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Re: Zegakiah's Anneptii Powers

Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:46 pm


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