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Zhanytos's Anneptii Abilities

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Zhanytos's Anneptii Abilities

Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:19 pm


Animal Type: Reptile

Animal Form: Allows me to transform into any animal, but have the most power with Reptiles.

Human Form: Allows me to take on human form, which is basically my normal form from before (see avatar)
Transmorph Form: Allows me to transform halfway between animal and human, allowing for very interesting combinations. I can transfigure parts of myself into animal characteristics within my animal type while still remaining human/animal.

True Form: This is one of the strongest forms of an Anneptis/mine. It is manifestation of animal/human qualities mixed with aspects of my studies/power.

Coactum Form: Allows me to take on a manifested form pure force and/or energy or material that I can control.


Reptile Control: Allows me to summon and control other Reptiles, mainly lizards.

Venomous Bite: Teeth/Fangs emit a poisonous venom capable of causing paralysis and blindness when spit into the victims eyes.

Weaponized Tongue: In any form, may unleash a long sturdy, spiked tongue to use for attacks/grabs/impalement.

Infrared Sight/Heat Sensing: Can use special pits on head to detect and sense heat/infrared, allowing me to have a higher sense ability.

Secondary Tongue Smell/Taste: Uses a forked tongue to taste the air for prey's scent.

Spiny Flesh: Allows the growth of sharp spines across body that aid in defense, as well as impalement of opponents that get too close.


Animal Type: Ave (Bird)
LOCKED UNTIL HIGHER RANK Familiar Size Manipulation: Allows my familiar to manipulate their size at will, allowing them to shrink or swell in size at will, allowing giant or tiny versions of whatever animal they become.


Enthaply: (Also known as Fire and Ice elements): Allows me to manipulate temperature and more specifically the elements of fire and ice, which can be created and manipulated at will. The range of temperature control and of the temperature of these elements is, along with direct contact with the elements themselves under my control, quite deadly.

---> Fire Breath: Unleash flaming torrent from mouth.

--->Ice Breath: Unleash freezing torrent from mouth.

Electromagnetism: (Also known as Metal and Lightning Elements): Allows me to manipulate metal and electricity, and be able to create smaller electric/magnetic/electromagnetic fields.

--->Thunder Breath: Unleash electrical blast from mouth.

--->Magnetic Breath: Unleash magnetic torrent from mouth, allowing to push or pull metals away or towards me.

--->Scale Armor: Causes Scales to harden into more metallic like constancy, allowing for greater physical defense.

Gravity: Allows me to manipulate gravity. Can manipulate the gravity of around 100 feet around me. Can also manipulate the gravity of a certain object and possibly person. Can be used as a "telekinesis" of sorts, using it to move objects around or produce blasts of gravity in a certain direction or in all directions away or towards me.
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Re: Zhanytos's Anneptii Abilities

Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:43 pm


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