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Zegakiah's Soul Weapons: Vayu and Avani

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Zegakiah's Soul Weapons: Vayu and Avani

Sun Apr 14, 2013 1:17 am



Name: Vayu
Non-weapon Form: Human
Weapon Form: Gauntlet (Left Hand)
Sex: Male
Element: Wind
Soul Count: 15

Vayu is very intelligent and yet can be pretty skiddish, especially around others who are far more powerful than himself. He's very loyal to me, and despite his shyness, would go any length to keep me safe. He often helps by providing more intelligent strategies to me, or showing me something I didn't see the first time.

When in gauntlet form, Vayu allows me to create small tornado like winds which surround the gauntlet, and can add slicing damage to my physical attacks with that arm. It also allows me to create a condensed sphere of wind in my palm that I can launch like a bullet to punch holes in even some metals or can be thrust into objects and opponents for much the same result and power. All wind attacks that Vayu produces also has Soul Energy flowing through them so that the attacks not only hit on a physical level but also a spiritual one, which will burn at a person's Soul, causing pain on a much higher level.



Name: Avani
Non-weapon Form: Animal-Jaguar
Weapon Form: Gauntlet (Right Hand)
Sex: Female
Element: Earth
Soul Count: 15

Avani is the more powerful of the two, that is in brute force. And she flashes that power often, letting people know she's there. She, like Vayu, is fiercely loyal to me, however, she's even more to the extent that she's overly protective, and it doesn't bother her to stand up to the big guys.

When in Gauntlet form, Avani increased the strength of physical attacks with the gauntlet hand to increase to 2x what would normally be possible. The gauntlet also allows me to bend earth, thus able to create shock-waves through the earth, or unleash mudslides, etc against the opponent. Also allows me to break through earthen created defenses much more easily. Lastly, like Vayu, Avani has Soul Energy unleashed through her attacks and increases, which can aid by damaging the Soul of an opponent.

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