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Alexis's Soul Weapon Silvano

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Alexis's Soul Weapon Silvano

Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:36 pm

Name: Silvano
Biological Form: Human
Weapon Form: Scythe
Gender: Male
Element: Earth/Wood
Notable Abilities: Able to unleash shockwaves who's frquencies we can use to manipulate earth. Can also increase growth of and manipulate plants to some degree.
Soul Count: 10
Personality: Calm, down to earth. Can talk to almost anyone, and doesn't have a problem getting dirty.
Looks: Never wears shoes or cuts hair. Long reddish hair, medium build, about my height. Has tapped hands, makes him look like a fighter/laborer.

Human Form:

Weapon Form:
Born from Light and Dark, the flower blooms into stunning beauty, sparkling like Diamond. Will you be mesmerized?

Aspect of a Shrew

Death Guardian

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