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Revil's Strudies and Relic

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Revil's Strudies and Relic

Fri Jan 08, 2016 9:22 pm

Unnamed Relic
A Newtype is a Human that has been born with latent potential. This potential allows them to convert strong emotions into Templar Force, thus the more emotion present the stronger the Templar Force becomes. A Shrew is a being who is able to tap into vast amount of knowledge to aid them in battle using mutated forms of Navitas (Makina, Photogess... ect.).

When Revil became a Shrew, these two Forces were fused into one, or so Revil thought. Up until the point that Ignatius had arrived. Revil had always been one being. But, once Ignatius arrived, and his pure anger, sadness and pride was let loose. Revil's Newtype half reacted with such strong force, that immeasurable amount of Templar Force were built up within himself. This Templar Force inevitably caused his Mind, Body and Spirit, to be split into two. The Shrewish Half, manifested itself as a power hungry, lost being that fled and tried to stay alive, killing out of fear and lack of understanding. The Human Half of Revil stayed behind in Keiz, protected from the Shrewish Half.

It wasn't until Ignatius' defeat that the Shrewish Half calmed down and came to an agreement. This was to return to Revil, as Keizioglyff. A seal that kept itself dormant as well as kept all of the immeasurable energy from overflowing and untimely resulting in another separation.

the Keizioglyff now, exists only when Revil taps into his Shrewish power. Otherwise it lies dormant.

Photogess Launcher
Revil first learned to use Photogess via the Photogess Launcher. It is a floating cannon, almost twice the size of Revil that can fire. He rarely if ever uses this form anymore, simply because he can fire the same types of beams via his Photogess Cannon ability. The Launchercan move about independently.

Photogess Accelerator:
A form given to his Relic when the need for it came to be. It was essentially a set of Photogess Wings that manifested themselves allowing Revil to Accelerate to extreme speeds when in light. This form was also made null by Revil’s ability to use Light Phasing.

Photogess Armour System:
the Photogess is the pinnacle of Revil’s studies and knowledge of Shrewish Artifacts and Relics. Because of this, the Armour possesses the abilities of Revil’s Artifacts and other Relic’s forms. This form of the Relic takes on the appearance of a Gold and Light Teal suit of mechanical winged armour.

Agget Zeta Coating:
The Photogess Armour System is coated in the same material that gives the Agget Zeta is special properties. This mean it can reflect, absorb and unleash the absorbed energy it collects. It can not however warp people and things to Keiz as the Agget Zeta does.

Photogess Blades
In each wrist of the Armour are two emitters that unleash beams of Photogess that have two forms. A whip and a blade.

Photgess Launcher Wings:
The Photogess Launcher Wings are a combination of the Photgess Launcher and the Photogess Wings. Each Wing the Armour System has is it’s own Photogess Launcher, 2 in total. Each Wing “Ezekiel and Sywyk” are capable of moving away from the Armour system independently to act as mobile cannons.
Fangs are remote weapons that are remotely controlled using Revil's Newtype Abilities. Fangs are almost impossible to take control of as long as Revil is linked to them, they emit a small beam of Photogess glow light teal allowing them through attacks and defenses. Each Wing Launcher and the Suit can launch up to 100 of these.

Arc Relay:
Arc Relay is a floating ship and living quarters for Revil he manifested as one of the Relic’s forms. The Arc Relay is a ship that acts as an independent Keiz for when the Shrew’s or Revil are away from Keiz. It has various floors one would expect of a ship. It is armoured with Makina Shielding, Photogess Barriers and Teliology Fields. The entire thing is powered via connection to Keiz’s focus crystal.

the Agget Zeta - Perfected Artifact
the Agget Zeta is a shield crafted by Revil with the help of Medius. The shield is capable of absorbing energy based attacks and then unleashing the absorbed energy back as a beam or cone. The Shield is capable of moving about on it’s own by connecting itself to Revil’s thoughts. Along with the ability to reflect attacks, the shield also has a direct portal connection to Keiz, allowing anything to walk into it and end up in Keiz.

the Armageddon - Perfected Artifact
the Armageddon is a sword named in honour of a powerful Legendary Shrewish Artifact. The Armageddon is actually the Holocaust reforged by Revil. It is a sword whose blade is a beam of solid energy, and who’s grip can launch out and extend like a whip. The whip can use any energy Revil can use.


the 1st Study: Mysticism
Mysticism is the Shrewish Study of Light and Divine Energies. Revil almost exclusively uses Photogess, in a rather potent weaponized form. The primary techniques he uses are listed below, but he is not limited to these.

Photogess Cannon: Revil is capable of creating a beam of pure Photogess that launches out from anywhere he focuses on. These beams are varying in power and size.

Photogess Barrier: Revil is capable of calling forth a barrier of Photogess, one that stops anything physical and energy based.

Light Phasing: Revil is capable of turning his entire body to light and travelling anywhere that light reaches. Artificial or not.

the 2nd Study: Teliology
Teliology is the Shrewish Study of the Mind and Reality. Revil chose this study because it both complements and extends his Newtype Powers. Teliology came almost natural to Revil.

Conscious Perimetre:
Because Revil is a Newtype, he naturally had a passive ability that expanded his conscious perimeter. Expanding one's Conscious Perimeter allows a Newtype or Shrew to link their mind with another. Every living being, and some advanced machines all have a single Perimeter. Each Perimeter is on it’s own frequency, and the chances of two Perimeters being on the same frequency is almost unheard of.

Revil can actually control which frequency he is on and can even be on multiple frequencies at once. When Revil and another being are on the same frequency, and his Perimeter crosses the others Perimeter, a battle of wills can happen, and whoever's mental drive is weaker will lose, and they will suffer severe damage until they lower their Perimeter, otherwise they will risk being knocked out or suffering permanent damage.

The Perimeter is also used for tracking and detection,as Revil can read the minds of all those who are within the perimeter easily (unless someone has the ability to resist it), and can also see anything that happens within the perimeter, allowing him a wider field of 'vision'.

This is an ability that is in use when Revil's Perimeter is spread. Its primary purpose is to calculate the composition, mana, power levels, make up, cellular structure, DNA, atoms, molecules, waves concentration of biological characters and ki within the Perimeter by using his own Perimeter. It does this by sending out thousands of oscillating Perimeters that scan and transmit information back to Revil. The Analyzer ability also serves the purpose of gathering information about, people and can be used for long range communication.

This ability is passive but controllable ability that creates a feedback field to constantly drain the area around Revil of ki, mana, magic, and energy and add the ki, mana and energy to Revil. This does not apply to energy created by Revil. This is extremely effective when used to absorb any form of light energy.

Filtering allows Revil to visually and mentally remove obstacles from the line of sight. Example: a pillar of earth or a steel girder is in the way of seeing what is behind. By sending out various Perimeters or Waves Revil can visually or mentally erase the pillar from the line of sight allowing him or anyone he chooses to see what is behind it as if it wasn't there.

Memory Manipulation
Once Revil is within someone's mind it allows him to manipulate their memories and thoughts. It works exceptionally well if Revil is touching them.

This allows Revil to shape and reshape objects and matter using his mental force. It works much like alchemy does but doesn't require equivalent exchange at times.

Revil can tap into one's mind and pull out their worst memories or fears and use that against them.

This allows to tap into an object and sense where and what the object has been and whom it has come into contact with. It also allows Revil to know the history of the object and what abilities it possesses.

This allows Revil to leave messages on objects or people, that people receive in their minds. It also allows Revil to code messages for certain people.

Absolute Manipulation
This gives Revil the power to manipulate matter and energies using his Mental force.

Telepathic Influence
This allows Revil to expand his mental force outwards creating a field of mental force around him, when something comes into this field it has the possibility to come under the control of Revil.

Electron Acceleration
Electron Acceleration is Revil's ability to control the electrons in an object and either speed them up or slow them down in order to cause the object to either speed up or slow down. This can make something stand almost virtually still or can make it so Revil can Quantize an object anywhere within his conscious perimeter.

Positron Channeling
This allows Revil to build or manipulate positrons that are the antimatter equivalent of electrons, when used as a weapon they cause the target to break up on a molecular scale.

Psionic Blast
A generic and average blast of Psionis Force that can be fired at the target causing mental degradation. This weakens the target's mind allowing Revil easier access to it. It is blue in colour, cannot be interacted or manipulated by anything that can not defend against mental attacks.

the 3rd Study: Mechanology
Mechanology is the Shrewish Study of Machines and the Navitaas known as Makina.

This allows Revil to temporarily create a copy of a targeted weapon or machine allowing Revil to use the copied weapon or machine as if it were the real thing. Cloned items last for 1 post per rank.

Revil Engineered Versatile AutomatoN: REVAN
After creating the first several REVAN prototypes and a final failed Revan, Revil moved on past fully Sentient AI and decided upon a series of machine that could act on their own, but were not capable of rising up and trying to kill him. These machines were named after the original and each possess unique traits.

REVAN Rifle:
A REVAN Rifle is a ranged unit with two main weapons. The first is a rifle that fires Makina rounds and the second is a larger Makina Cannon capable of firing bolts and beams of Makina.

REVAN Defenser:
the Revan Defenser is a tank that is intended to soak up damage and provide cover for anything behind it. It uses several layers of Makina Shielding plus physical armour. The REVAN Defenser floats and can fly if needed.

REVAN Heat Hawk:
The REVAN Heat Hawk is an upclose and personal lightly armoured melee unit. It uses speed and sheer melee damage to it’s advantage. It is capable of flight and uses it’s vernier to pulse around in flight.

REVAN Lotoria:
the REVAN Lotoria is a mobile troop carrier with repair and transportation in mind. It is capable of carrying up to 8 people inside of it. The Lotoria has two forms, the first being the support troop carrier and the second allowing a REVAN to link with the Lotoria so that the Lotoria can transform into a tall mobile suit and gain the primary fighting style of the REVAN it linked with.

the 4th Study: Occtuliology
Occtuliology is the Shrewish ability to control and manipulate the Shadows/Darkness. Revil’s only reasoning for taking this Study on was to help him better understand Shaddow and make it easier to convert into Photogess via Crimson Shaddow.

Crimson Shaddow:
Revil’s Shaddow is a unique type of Shaddow that has been specifically tailored to consume, devour and convert any darkness/shaddow.shadow into a Crimson Shaddow. This Crimson Shaddow which appears as a Flame-like Light is easily converted into Photogess thanks to the ample light it gives off. Any leftover energy is drawn into Revil’s passive Feedback Field.

the 5th Study: Meteorology
Meteorology is the Shrewish Ability to manipulate Weather. Revil primarily chose this to help amplify his Psionic Storm.

Crudus the Combination of Two Studies
Neutron Stampeder: - Mechanology, Mysticism
the Neutron Stampeder is a large beam meant solely as a beam of destruction.

Dark-Light: - Occtuliology, Mysticism
Dark-Light is the ability to mask other abilities, objects, areas or people on a veil of Photogess and Occtuliology that makes the affected target invisible to senses, detection, the eyes and other forms of detection.

Psionic Storm: - Mysticism, Teliology
A Psionic Storm is the manifestation of Psionic Waves and Photogess Ripples combined with Revil's Newtype Psionic Lighting. A Psionic Storm appears as a storm of Light and Lighting that erupts outwards in all directions. The Psionic Storm deal damage that causes life, energy and mental forces to decay and break down.

Psionic Shockwave: - Mysticism, Teliology
The Psionic shockwave, is all the power of the Psionic Storm, directed at one target.

Vacuum: - Teliology, Occtuliology
Vacuum, creates a vacuum of space within a certain area in a sphere. Anything caught within the Sphere is subject to the effects of being in the Vacuum of Space. If something tries to leave the Vacuum, the Vacuum, implodes.

Altus the Combination of Three Studies
Veylonic Storm: - Teliology, Mysticism, Mechanology
A Psionic Storm that converts all decayed matter into energy that fuels the Psionic Storm allowing it to grow and devour anything Revil sees fit.

Absolution - Teliology, Mysticism, Occtuliology
A more potent and longer lasting version of Revil’s Newtype ability called Purge.

Eximius the Combination of Four Studies
Psionic Hurricane A massive Hurricane is called forth and the effects of the Veylonic Storm are added.

Psionic Tornado: All the effects of the Psionic Shockwave, now surround the target and bombard them from all possible angles.

Solidus the Combination of Five Studies
Psionic Breaker: - Teliology, Mechanology, Mysticism, Occtuliology, Meterology
Revil channels all the pure energy forms of each study (Makina, Photogess, Shaddow, ect) and uses all that energy to create a Reality, Dimension and Energy and Matter Consuming Sphere that expands outwards devouring all. The sphere expands outwards with great speed, and can be as large as a hurricane, or as small as a person. The effects of this ability are near suicidal. It drains Revil’s body of 98% of all energy, mental force and stamina. In the end Revil’s body is left almost lifeless.
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